Shake the Crave! Meal Replacement Review

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Is one of your goals for the next year to lose weight? Do you prefer to use natural methods, but need a little bit of help in the appetite control department? I had the privilege to receive for review a couple of packages of Shake the Crave meal replacement shakes. This initial review is mostly for taste, but I look forward to taking the 90 day challenge starting in January!

I received one packet of chocolate and one of vanilla. For this review, I’m mostly just reviewing taste; after all, if we don’t like a product, we aren’t going to take it every day for several months just to lose some weight. It’s discouraging to try something that you think will help, and then discover that it’s just awful tasting. That’s not the case with these shakes!

There is actual sugar in the shakes, just enough to sweeten it. It’s natural cane sugar plus milk and coconut powder, and it helps fuel ATP production. No, this meal replacement shake doesn’t taste like an ice cream shake, but I liked even the chocolate one better than the “mix into milk” hot chocolate type mixes you can find for cheap.

The instructions say to blend the mix into milk in a blender for best results. Well, the first morning that I tried it, I couldn’t ifind my blender, so I just stirred it with a spoon. While it tasted fine, there was the powdery stuff on the top of the drink – like you remember using chocolate powder to make chocolate milk as a kid – and I knew right away that I’d enjoy it much better if I’d follow insturctions and use a blender.

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When I made the vanilla shake, I did blend it, and loved it! I just made mine with regular 1% milk, but I think when I start the challenge that I will invest and use vanilla almond milk. It tasted great as it was, but I think using the better quality milk will help motivate me to continue as well as kick the taste up a notch. The instructions suggested almond milk as a possibility, which is why I thought of it.

Mostly, even though this review was mostly for the purposes of taste, I’d like to state that I did see some evidence that this will work for me. I plan to use Shake the Crave in addition to some other methods at the same time for at least 90 days, but I was pleased to find that after I had the shake in the morning before I went to work that I did fine with not having anything else until lunch time. I didn’t feel hungry or wish I could eat for almost 4 hours! The instructions say to have a shake for breakfast and one for lunch, and 2 or 3 healthy snacks during the day, and a complete meal for dinner. That’s more than reasonable, I think, and my plan for the 90 day challenge will be similar to that. I love feeling like I have flexibility with this!

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