Sew Blessed!

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Did you know that I’m learning to sew? You probably do if you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time at all, or browsing any in the archives. Part of the trouble in beginning any new hobby is the initial expense of materials to get started. I was recently blessed with a whole big box of some great fabrics, patterns, and sewing notions by a kind Christian shop owner on Etsy. Please go see Ms. Marilyn at JB Sew Blessed and let her know I sent you!

The JB Sew Blessed shop carries fabrics, patterns, and some beautiful crafted embroidery pieces for your projects. Part of what was sent were some of those beautiful embroidery squares! These are the verses I found wrapped neatly together.


Aren’t they beautiful? Then, as I was going through the bags of fabric, I found this one too!

I know my baby girl is going to love whatever I end up making for her with this beautiful dancer! I’m not sure what to do with her or with the verses above just yet. I may take the verses and make pillow cases, and possibly also with this pretty little lady here as well. There is at least one if not a couple of cute bag patterns in this box as well, so I might do that instead or also!

Now, this is what Marilyn’s shop features and is her craft specialty at the Etsy shop. She’s got some beautiful premade designs or she invites you to message her with what you are looking for and she will try to find it to create for you! If you are a quilter or looking for that perfect accent for your projects, you’ll definitely want to look around and see what she has to offer!

What was so overwhelming about this box is all the fabric she sent! You see in the first picture above that she sent several bags of fabric, each with quite a few different patterns and different sizes. This is quite the stash! She sent lots of pinks (I’d told her that one reason I’m learning to sew is so I can make clothes for my one and only baby girl), some Christmas/winter items, some licensed character fabrics, some dulls, some brights, some neutrals, some… of just about everything!
Just look at all that fabric! I’m so excited and inspired to get some sewing done! What a blessing this is! Since I’m so new to all of this, fabric is great, but I can’t do a lot yet without some guidance. Ms. Marilyn has that covered too, by sending around a dozen patterns – maybe more! There was a whole pile of patterns and then I found more in one of the bags of fabrics. Some of these are purchased patterns that she is passing on, and some of them are printables that she was able to get permission to share them with me for my own use.
I would like to acknowledge all of the other businesses that, by giving Marilyn permission to share with me, have also had part in what I feel like is a huge blessing to me and my family. It felt like Christmas opening this box and I want you all to be aware of this kind folks and patronize them when you can! Some of the patterns included were from the following people, shops, and websites:
Leila and Ben Sweet Little Dress by Stitch and Whimsy on Etsy
Fabric Coloring Book Cover by TutorialGirl on Etsy

Childs Pocket Placemats by Flower Girl Design on Etsy
Go Green Grocery Bag by Carolyn Vagts also HERE
Easy Apron by Shiny Happy World on Etsy

As you can see, there was quite a bit of love and effort put into this kind gift, and I’m so grateful to Marilyn and all the pattern originators as well as to the Lord God – He provides and showers us with blessings! I hope that you all are seeing His hand of mercy and blessing on your lives as well, and please stop in to these wonderful shops and sites. They all have many gorgeous and fun items, and from this package you can see that they all have giving and loving hearts. JBSewBlessed and Ms. Marilyn not least among them!

Merry Christmas, and happy sewing!


  1. Ronni Keller says

    >I wish I was more 'crafty'!! I have a sewing machine and everything. I bought it thinking it would force me to learn and be creative and make awesome stuff. It just made me frustrated. LOL
    That was a wonderful gift you got! So cute! Make great things with all of it!

  2. Brenda says

    >That is so kind! I love all of those embroidery designs! Good luck with all your sewing efforts!


    >Those are beautiful fabrics and patterns. When I finally find the time to read over my sewing machine manual and learn how it works, I want to start learning to sew too!

  4. Mary says

    >IF I had more free time on my hands, sewing is something I'd like to try. Many moons ago in high school I sewed and actually made a few items of clothing. Have fun!!

  5. myrah - Coupon Mamacita says

    >Great!! I wish I were more into sewing….my mom used to do gorgeous creatuions! I guess it didn't rub off…thanks for sharing!

  6. Kecia says

    >Wow, that's a large bundle of materials for sewing. My granny gave me her sewing machine before she passed and I really need to get it out and start learning. I want to make handmade clothing, especially if our next child is a little girl!

  7. Kim Croisant says

    >Great craft to hand down to your kids. My mom was a sewed a lot, but she did not give me the sewing craft, nope…but we did other crafts together for a long long time. She just quilts now. Keep it up!!

  8. Elizabeth Towns says

    >Wow! My mom sews a lot, so I know the value of this gift. What a blessing – but the real value is that someone wanted to share hope and love with you in this season – that is priceless. Get to sewing!

  9. Mary says

    >What a great gift! You're right new projects can have a pretty high price for start up, so lucky you got some help!