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Do you have routines planned out for this year? How about for your school year? This is an archived post; our routine plan from a couple of years ago. I hope you can glean some ideas as you try to manage your home as I’ve tried to become a better manager of mine.


Monday we’ll start our Cub Scout meetings. This will just be a short one, and kind of “what to expect in scouting” kind of meeting for the parents while the kids play games. It’s also family night for our Boy Scout, so we’ll wrap up in time to get upstairs and see the slide show from summer camp. Hubby switched schedules with a coworker on Mondays so he doesn’t have to be in for an extra hour. Gives us more time on Mondays to get everything done, including planning our den meeting. Looking forward to getting rolling with that!

Looks like Tuesdays might need to be our grocery shopping day. I’ll probably leave most of the kids with hubby and either go get, wait for, or meet my mother in town. Not sure it will happen that way this week, but I think that is going to be the plan for going forward. Her routine and mine have to mesh to make it work that way, and I may end up taking a baby and/or a kid with me to ease hubby’s part. We’ll see what works!

Our Wednesday routine is working for us, as long as I remember to do my Bible studying before Wednesdays. HA! I’m really liking attending the little church in our town here. I started going there when hubby started working nights. He has to be at work before we can get home from our church in the city, and I’m not a big fan of loading up all 5 kids and heading in by myself. Plus, gas is a consideration for us and while that situation is easing up a little at a time, we still need to watch it. Besides, at the little local place we have potluck meals every Wednesday so I don’t have to cook! YAY!

Thursday and Friday are our intense schooling days. We do school all the other days too, but it’s interrupted by everything else we have going on and we might not finish every subject every day. So what we didn’t get to, we make up on these two days as well as doing any extra subjects or projects. I guess I’ll need to make one or the other of these days a day to specifically do the homeschool blog! Good idea! Write that one down….

Also on Friday nights, once all the school work and chores are done (including mine!) and the house basically straightened, this is the one night I’ve been letting myself play my silly computer game. It’s just down time for me. I spend lots of God time through the week, including reading teaching books. I read fiction also. Decided a while back that I should do nonfiction during the day to make sure I’m getting enough of that in, but fiction after dark. My brain can’t handle just a lot of new information after dark. But Fridays, instead of reading fiction, I’m playing my game. It’s online time with friends, and having a specific night for it like that helps me make sure I limit my time doing it.

Saturdays are for housework until hubby wakes up, then it’s family time! I really am trying to make it my goal to make sure everything is done before he wakes up. I don’t want him to feel like he has to help do much on his day off. I want it to be his day off! I am quite sure there is enough I don’t get to that he is able to express through his language of service, but the basics and the noticeable niceties I really want to have done. That means making more of an effort to get one load of laundry (two on diaper days) done every day of the week so that I can actually finish it on Saturdays.

Sundays are for worshipping the Lord and for spending time with extended family. Having some down time later in the evening, but always enjoy two worship services and some great teaching from the two pastors where we’re attending church. Having the privilege to take guests with us here in town, and hopefully finding some guests to invite into the city! This sitting still while so many need our Lord every day is stopping in this house. No more.

We’ve been doing this loosely, but this week I really want to nail it all down and make sure all the tick marks are getting checked off each day. One thing at a time, and the way we work I really need things to fall into place so we have the opportunity to do what the Lord calls us to do when He calls us to do it – without worrying about when we’ll fit in x-chore or y-subject because that’s what we were going to do next.

Thank you, Jesus, for helping me order my household! I figured out a while back that even though I’m the manager, God is the franchise owner, and I can’t do even THIS by myself. Very humbling to realize that I must lean on Him for this. Giving lip service to leaning on Him for “everything” doesn’t really hit home until you realize that you must lean on Him to even get the dishes and laundry done every day. 😉 Dying to the flesh in even this, thank you Lord!!


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    Hope your schedule works out. I’ve found schedules are so important not only for myself but for the kids. They thrive on routine. So good luck!