Printable Christmas Games

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I received for the purpose of review a set of downloads from Python Printable Games. This set includes over 50 Christmas games for all sorts of gaming circles, all easily printable from your computer.


We tried 3 or 4 different games, and there were some on the list that we just had no inclination to open whatsoever. For me, that’s an easy trade-off; I just won’t open the ones we don’t use, and will enjoy the ones we do. I was impressed because  there are several Christian-specific games available, and the trivia game we played included Bible trivia about Christmas, so we enjoyed it very much!

One of my biggest concerns was that some of the game titles seem to indicate a game inappropriate for children. For example, there is a “newlywed” game as well as a “teen newlywed” game. In looking at these games in their pdf file, basically it is called that because of the format of sending one partner out of the room so that the first can predict their answers. The first version is set up for married (or at least adult) couples, and the other version is simply worded with boyfriend/girlfriend to make it teen friendly. There are no inappropriate questions at all; just things like, do they like gingerbread or how soon do they finish their shopping. There is also a “spin the bottle” game that includes kissing instructions, whether kissing the left hand or the bicep of the person next to or across from you, so definitely pay attention, but they seem more harmless than my concern had been.

Also, the sheet says there are 60+ games, and in another place it says there are 75, and I had thought I’d seen it say over 80 games somewhere. When I got these saved, there are 54 files in my  folder. Now, I may have missed some I suppose, because you have to download these games one at a time. I asked about a zip file and was told that a zip file wouldn’t be understood by the target audience. I think they are losing out on a whole demographic – us homeschooling moms, for one! – by alienating like that, but I suppose it’s their prerogative. I’d personally much prefer a zip file and then a separate instruction, even if it’s in addition to the list of individual links they provided to me for download. It made a difference as to how long it took me to actually get the download done, and I certainly didn’t appreciate being talked to in that way when I asked about the zip file.

Some of the games can be played on the screen without having to print them out. We did a couple of the trivia games that way, but the one we played seemed to have a “game board” of sorts. When I looked, it was mostly a number on a big sheet of paper and you’re supposed to move forward each time you get an answer correct. There were only 8 squares, plus a baby Jesus square at the end. Well… I didn’t waste the paper. Instead, we handed out veggies to the kids when they got a question right. I’m just a creative tweaker like that, and the kids enjoyed it so I guess it went well. I like that about these – they are simple enough that I can tweak them and add to them if I want, or I can use them as-is for a quick fun time. I’ll be taking some of the joke sheets to the scouting caroling outing this weekend – we always need a moment here or there with that group!

All in all, these are some cute games and especially if you’re a tweaker like me and just need a good base to really run with some fun times, this is definitely the pack for you! I love that I can print out the ones I want, and save the rest for years to come. I don’t think these games are worth anything near what they are trying to charge for them individually, but if you work with kids a lot and expect to for a number of years, this might save you quite a bit of time for sure. Have fun and Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.