Primula Tea Set Review

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Are you a hot tea drinker? Have you thought about trying tea but are wary of how to go about it, or what flavors to start with? I had the privilege of receiving for review this Teas of the World tea set from Primula Products to jumpstart my interest in trying hot and flavored tea, and I’m thrilled to share with you how much we’ve all enjoyed it!

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I’m usually a coffee drinker, but can only usually handle one cup each day. If I do the half-caff blends I can usually do two cups. I also drink sweet tea, and being from Texas this is dark stuff with lots of sugar I’m talking about. (You should try my grandma’s tea! It’s almost like drinking tea-aid or something.) My husband makes fun of the lighter teas, calling them “flavored water” if they aren’t dark enough for him. I’ve wanted to try some boiled, hot teas for a while though, because there are so many flavors available.

The kick in the pants to finally get this pretty set out and try it was the croupy cough junk creeping in here at the house. I knew that honey and lemon tea would help, and was happy to discover that one of the teas in this set is a “plain” green tea. I like green tea. What an easy introduction! The instructions are super easy, and printed right on the side of the box.

teas box

I just boiled water on the stove. I opened a packet of the green tea and dumped it into the wire sieve which I then placed in the hole in the top of the tea pot. When the water was hot, I poured it into the pot through the tea in the sieve and left it sitting for about 5 minutes. The instructions say 3-5 minutes, but since we like ours a little darker, I usually leave it a little longer. I suspect that it would be darker also if I would use more than one packet for a pot, but for getting rid of the croupy sore throats I wanted to do a light tea.

flowering teas

After the tea steeped for a while, I removed the sieve and added my honey and essential lemon oil. I drank it as did the kids, and everyone loves it! And, it helps the sore throats to boot. We’ve actually drank quite a bit of tea this past week because of this! There are several flavors included in this sampler set. There are several packets of the plain green tea, several of a rose and black tea, a couple that are called “Herbal Infusion” that looks like it has salt or something in it, and a couple of “flowering” teas.

Flowering teas?

tea party

Indeed. This is a princess’s tea party dream! I know my princess loved it. Have you considered a tea set for the princess – child or grown versions – in your life? Look to Primula this year! They have a wide variety of teas, and the set we received is fantastic. It’s easy to use and clean (even dishwasher safe), and is exactly what we’ve needed in a tea set.

How do you play tea party?

Merry Christmas!


    • dalynnrmc says

      Oooh, hats would be fun! We haven’t done many tea parties yet, this basically being our first run, but she went all-out with all the baby doll invitees and such. I’m just happy to have a (grown-up) tea set to do real tea, but I’m betting a fun, little girl set isn’t far in our future. 😉 Thanks for visiting!