The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Review

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Have you read The Old Schoolhouse Magazine? It’s a Christian homeschooling magazine, and I’ve loved it for several years! It’s always so full of timely and faith-filled articles; sometimes I haven’t even finished mulling what’s in one issue when the next one comes out!


Did you know that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is available for FREE online? That’s right – it’s FREE. You can access it at the website, or at the website. When they went digital a while back, I don’t know if I just missed that it was going to be free, or if I’d forgotten. You can still purchase each issue in print from the website if you’d like, view it for free online, or on any mobile device with the free app.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine November/December issue is, as usual, packed full of great articles! Deborah Wuehler is the Senior Editor and her articles have been my favorites for a long time. I found the TOS Magazine through their Homeschool Minute email years ago, and her articles were always the ones to draw me in and click through the links. I still find that I love her articles best; I just feel a common heart or something, like I could be writing what she writes because it’s so close to what I think and how I feel. I love it!

I almost was going to put the table of contents here, like I enjoy doing with many books or sites, but – know what? – there are way too many articles in the magazine for me to list them all! So, here are a few of my favorites:

  • Having a Holiday Heart: Seven Reasons to Celebrate (Deborah Wuehler)
  • History in the Baking and Eating (Cathy Diez Luckie)
  • Using the Library to Create Your Own Curriculum (Mary Hood)
  • Home Education and the Rise of Christianity in America (Joaquin Fernandez)

favorite articles

After all the raving I’ve just done about Deborah Wuehler, I have to say that this time my very favorite article wasn’t one by her! Honestly, I really loved Joaquin Fernandez’s article about Home Education and the Rise of Christianity in America. At the end of reading it (even before the end, really), I found myself wanting to jump up and throw my fist in the air and scream, “YES! This! Exactly this, thank you!” (Oops, are my Holy Ghost church tendencies showing?) But seriously, I loved this article.

“God, in His sovereign wisdom, has also demonstrated a track record of bringing about history-altering and world-transforming changes through very humble and non-impressive means. Think Bethlehem. Think a handful of fishermen. Think the Upper Room.”

Joaquin Fernandez, The Homeschool Evangelist

“Home Education and the Rise of Christianity in America”

The newer way the magazine is organized makes it very easy to navigate and find what I’m looking to read in any given moment or homeschooling season. Each of the article writers has a “title” of sorts, to kind of let us know the direction many of their articles take. There are articles for everyone, even if not every article is relevant to all. That’s part of what I like about the magazine being digital; navigating is SO EASY, and it’s easy to pick up where I left off or just read an article at a time. I can always find where I was, or pick out an article for a specific need or purpose. And, of course, all the back issues are readily available as well. That is MORE than awesome!


The article pop-out feature is pretty cool. The above graphic shows what it looked like on my computer screen; I could resize it to fill the screen as well. I really like the feature most on my Kindle, though. I had my 14 year old son read the article by Andy Harris (“The Tech Homeschooler”) on my Kindle because I knew it was on a subject he’d really enjoy and will love to try doing soon. (He did love it, and does plan to try it! There are tons of activities and ideas in this magazine!) The text pop-out feature made it really easy for me to navigate to just that article and let him read it, complete with all the graphics, in an easy to read format.

TOSkindleWith the magazine available on my Kindle, I can use it exactly like I did the print version. Mostly, that includes reading an article at a time in the bathroom, or waiting in various places, or while my computer is being occupied by someone else in the family, etc. One of my main waiting times these days is the 5 minutes or so right before one of my massage clients arrives. I love having the magazine right at my fingertips and that I can find any article so easily. It’s perfect!

If you aren’t already aware, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has a review team who brings the best variety of homeschooling products to the forefront of attention for homeschooling families all over the internet. The Schoolhouse Review Crew blog is review “central” of sorts; one place to see all the products and curricula being reviewed at any given time, and find the blogs where those products are reviewed. There’s a sampling of these in the digital magazine, but check out the blog for all the info in one place! I’m hoping to become part of the Crew for the coming year, to bring your attention to the most and best homeschooling products out there, and this review is part of that process. Glory to God for the opportunity!

What homeschooling products or curricula would you like to see reviewed? Do you currently subscribe to a homeschooling magazine, and which one?

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