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*Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to post, to be positive, and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. I would never promote something I didn’t think was a great product. Thank you for helping support my blog!

Organic snacks? I was suspicious. I was, I’ll admit. And then I won a package of Newman’s Own Organics snacks, and my life was changed forever! Well, maybe not that drastically, but it piqued my interest and has caused me to try many different foods since then. I’m happy to finally bring you this review of some great organic snack food!

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Organic Snacks

I received a plethora of different organic foods, so let me highlight a few of my favorites!

  • Newman-O’s are like the classic chocolate sandwich cookies you know and love, and the flavors they offer are great! My favorite was the plain classics, and hubby loved the mint ones.
  • Mints are wonderful. I love the peppermint best, but the cinnamon is great too. Hubby is afraid to try the ginger, but I like them just fine. A bit spicy but I like it! I put them in my coffee, or use them to help with headaches. I feel pampered with organic mints!
  • Prunes and Raisins are wonderful. I can’t eat the regular raisins any more. My Lynndi loves the prunes; in fact, I have to be careful that she doesn’t get hold of the bag because she eats them like they were candy! WAHOO for organic fruit my 3 year old will eat!
  • Pretzels were hubby’s favorite. I didn’t get any. He didn’t realize they were organic until they were gone!
  • Cookies some were good and some not as much. I loved the gingersnaps like Lynndi loved the prunes! Gingersnaps haven’t generally been one of my favorites, but these organic ones I just popped one after the other. YUM!
  • Licorice the kids really loved this. I don’t like licorice usually, and I did try these; they were okay and not gross like I usually think of licorice, but still I was happy to let the boys have them. They ate them like they were candy… which, I suppose, they are organic candy!
  • Chocolate OH the organic chocolate. This started a whole thing at my house. Organic chocolate is now on my gift list for every holiday, every occasion, weekends, whatever. I’ve never had chocolate that good. WOW.

newmans organicsYou can find Newman’s Own Organics locally in the southwest at HEB, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Tom Thumb, and more! You can order online at several outlets including at Amazon.  Connect with Newman’s Own Organics on Facebook.

Do you eat organic foods on a regular basis? What is your favorite organic snack?