NEST Entertainment: Review AND Black Friday Sale

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Give the Gift of Christ this holiday season with favorite supplements! We were sent several of these for the purpose of review, and I have to say that I’ve had a hard time getting my kids to move to the next movie… because they want to keep watching the same one, over and over again! So far, their favorite is Daniel.

Nest Entertainment- Best in Animated Bible Stories
We were sent 2 from the Old Testament series – Daniel, and David & Goliath. We were sent 2 from the New Testament series – Built Upon the Rock (based on the parable told by Jesus), and The Miracles of Jesus. They also have a history series and we were sent 2 of those – Harriet Tubman, and George  Washington.

The videos are very precise and concise – they don’t include a lot of fluff (like the style you might be familiar with using talking vegetables), and I’ve found them to be very accurate to scripture, not adding or taking away anything even for “artistic license” sake. While that’s not super important to us specifically as a family, I know it’s a quality that others look for; so, if that’s you, know that I believe this series to fit that criteria!

This is definitely a company we’ll be turning to for our Bible education needs, and for our entertainment needs as well. The company has a full array of Bibles, homeschool curricula, toys & games, books, arts & crafts, teacher resources, even some of our favorite supplements from this past year including Learning Wrap-Ups!

Just a few of the Black Friday sales they have going on include:

  • 49%  the Animated dvd collections that we reviewed!
  • Use code: BOGO to get buy one, get one on books!
  • Jewelry is 50% off!
  • The TORCHLIGHTERS dvd series is 50% off!
  • All Melissa & Doug is 20% off!
  • The Just the Facts learning series is 50% off!

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Have you heard of NEST before?
(Leave me a comment!)I had never heard of it before I found it on my affiliate client, and am so thrilled to be working with them! They have some fantastic stuff at great prices, and some exclusives that we already love and aren’t found elsewhere. This might be my new favorite homeschool website, y’all – really.

I can’t get over that they have the Wrap-Ups, and they carry AOP items. Of course they have other big providers like Saxon and Wordly Wise. They have an extensive Clearance selection, and I didn’t even talk yet about the MUSIC!!

This is just a very small sampling of what is available on the site and of the great deals available today and all weekend at the NEST Learning & Entertainment site. I do hope you’ll give it a peek!