Menu Planning Central Early BF Sale!

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Menu Planning is definitely a time-saver in this house, and absolutely helps with frustration in deciding “what’s for dinner?” on any given day. My problem, honestly, is that the actual planning part takes time itself, which usually takes planning to set aside the time to plan, and I don’t end up getting the menu plan done as often as I should. That’s where Menu Planning Central comes in handy! Not only that, but check out the AWESOME early Black Friday sale they’re having!

Menu Planning Central

At Menu Planning Central, you can choose from 4 different menu options: Family Friendly, Healthy, Vegetarian, or Frugal. Each consists of 4 weekly menus of each of these four options each month. That’s a total of 16 weekly menus per month, or 4 years of done-for-you menu plans, recipes, and shopping lists! From that point, you can customize your menus to include options like gluten free, or slow cooker recipes, even allergies.

Normally these menus run anywhere from $9.97 per month or a lifetime membership for $100 to all of the menus. BUT!!! Erica has come up with what I think is a GREAT deal for the EARLY Black Friday sale, which will starts today – Thursday, Nov. 19 – and runs differently for the next few weeks.

The focus is on being able to get Lifetime memberships as a gift, and the savings is bonkers!!!

Also they are offering single Lifetime Memberships for $50 Nov. 19-26, and it will be $60 Nov 27-30. So that’s a great deal too, but if you want to get gifts for their sisters-in-law, mom, aunt, friends, the gift pack is where it’s at! They will send a gift message that you can print out, so you’ll have something to put under the tree or in a card.

There are samples on the website as well as a 30 day trial, but you won’t want to miss this great sale! Remember: the 4-for-one sale is only for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday – so don’t delay! 3-for-one lasts from Sunday through Thanksgiving Day, and then the 2-for-one (still an awesome value!!) starts on Black Friday and runs through Cyber Monday – the end of the month.