Mark Feldstein Clock

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I received for the purposes of review an inspirational themed clock by Mark Feldstein & Associates.
This beautiful clock features a Faith Moves Mountains theme (no longer available), a favorite of mine as faith is one way the Lord has gifted me. It’s also in the hues of some of my favorite colors, purples and blues, and goes well with my living room.
This clock “chimes” on the hour by playing Amazing Grace, which is pretty cool. I wondered, even assumed, that it would sound like church bells or a large organ, but it doesn’t – it’s not annoying at all. What’s even cooler is that it doesn’t chime when the lights are off, so after we go to bed it doesn’t chime and wake us all up; more importantly, it doesn’t wake up my sleeping toddlers!
We discovered, through trial and error, through accident, and because my kids play with everythingthat comes in the door, that it actually doesn’t notchime, it just lowers the volume according to the amount of lighting in the room. Personally, I find this very handy because I can turn off the living room light while the twins make their way to sleepy land, but leave on the dining room light. When the hour chimes, it does so very quietly, not waking the twins but loud enough for me to realize the time it’s gotten to be.
This company has an entire line of inspirational themed items, and you can find them on Christian Book Distributors and elsewhere. Some great gift ideas from them, and I can vouch for what appears to be great quality products. Do you see anything from them you’d enjoy receiving, or might consider purchasing for a friend?
Disclaimer: I am an affiliate with the CBD website and if you purchase through my link I will receive a commission. Mark Feldstein has no part in this CBD affiliation, and other than the product sent for review I have not received any compensation for this post, nor was I under obligation to post a postivie review. All opinions are my own, and I will never promote a company or product which doesn’t align with my standards and values.