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I have 5 kids, at 4 to 5 different educational levels, and everyone needs a different a math program! LearnBop is a new online math help program set to Common Core standards; we received their LearnBop for Families Family Plan year’s subscription for the purpose of review. Even though it says up to 4 students, I as the teacher also had an account which I allowed my high school student to use, so I effectively have 5 spots.

LearnBop for Families Review
First, let me address the fact that this online math help program is Common Core aligned. We are in a state which doesn’t require this, and in general I don’t agree with a national standard. I’ve seen some of the Common Core math and I can wrap my brain around it mostly because I understand that many of the techniques taught are an attempt to teach mental math in a logical, systematic way. But, like with any subject and the whole reason we homeschool, not everyone learns in this way! Many of us who didn’t learn these techniques are completely confused by them (and some of them are quite confusing), but please let me continue….

I have a student who struggles with all things learning, and math has been a point of contention. It took me a while to figure out that dyslexia isn’t only about reading. Learning math facts has been a problem, and even though we use a popular manipulatives program for our homeschool math, this particular student has still just been slow to understand, slow to progress. Our core program teaches multiple math techniques, and I noticed several months ago that the techniques that come easiest to this student actually resemble the Common Core methods quite closely!

learnbop online math help

All of that to say, LearnBop is working for my middle school dyslexic student!! It’s one of the first online math help programs we’ve found that teaches in the way he learns, and if you have a struggling student you’ll realize how important that is to us!

To start, the teacher-parent will set a Grade Level Roadmap for each student. Then the student will sign in and take a “warm up” exercise. This is supposed to gauge whether the student is ready for the Roadmap or if they need a little bit of catch-up and review before beginning. If they do, the program will automatically provide some “Building Block” exercises prior to beginning a unit.

In our experience, this hasn’t worked very well. I wish there was an actual placement exam for my students to take before I place them on a Grade Level Roadmap. It proved especially confusing for my high school student, as we aren’t even sure where to place him to fill in the learning gaps he apparently has for this Common Core program. Know what I decided about that all? Simple – we’re going to use it for the kid(s) it works for and not stress over the fact that some of my kids don’t learn well with this approach. No skin off my back!

Both of my middle school students struggled for a few days before I went in and changed their Roadmaps to the grade level lower than I’d originally set them. Drew, my incoming 8th grader, was set on 6th grade math. Once I set him down that low he did better, but this still isn’t his learning style. Brandon, on the other hand, absolutely loves and thrives on this program!

LearnBop for Families Review

Let me emphasize again – I AM SO EXCITED  about this program because it is exactly what my special needs, learning disabled, dyslexic student needs!! It’s perfect for him!

He’s the only one of my kids who is getting any use of this online math help program. For him alone, I don’t care. It’s worth it. Take that recommendation from this mom-of-many!

My kindergarten twins might be ready for some first grade math. When you sign up a student you have to place them in at least the 3rd grade, but once you are inside the dashboard you can change that to a “subject” type approach instead, and those topics reach down to the 1st grade. I set my twins on the Number & Operations Roadmap instead of a grade level. When you do that, it gives them a warm-up and then assigns them to the best level within that topic. If you are in a state which requires Common Core math even in homeschools, this might be a great way to get some tutoring, online math help, or extra practice done!

Sadly, though, even at the 1st grade level, and while there are instructional videos for EVERY lesson, the program doesn’t read the actual practice questions to the students. For that reason, I have to physically sit with my kinder/first grade students and do this math. That just doesn’t work for our style of homeschooling in this season.

I really and honestly do not want this review to sound negative. It doesn’t work for my high schooler, nor does it work for my other teen. It also doesn’t fit our lifestyle to use with my young kids. Please know, I absolutely LOVE and will recommend LearnBop for the simple reason that it teaches to the exact needs and style of my most needful student. And for that, I’m truly grateful… because honestly, that kid understands things differently than I know to teach them. LearnBop is going to save my sanity! And, quite likely, my middle child’s mathematical education. Thank. God.

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LearnBop for Families Review
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