Knitting With Purpose

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Do you enjoy knitting as much as I do?  Do you want your knitting to take on a purpose all it’s own?  Well today I’m here to help you do just that!  For those of you who crochet, don’t leave just yet I’ll be including some things for you too!  Knitting is my happy place, it’s what I do at the end of the day to unwind, relax, and let the mess of the day drift off behind me.  I put on some worship music, sit down in my favorite chair and just relax.  Sometimes I listen to audio books, sometimes I sit in silence just me and God, but always I sit in my chair and let my day wash away.

I give many gifts to friends and family, but sometimes my family is overwhelmed with all the knitted goodies I give, so I try to limit how much I send their way unless they ask for something or it’s a very special occasion!  That leaves me with a dilemma which is what do I do with all these finished projects?  I’m going to give you some ideas of what to do with projects you have made and some ideas of projects you can do for charity.

Lets start with things you have already completed and are sitting in the back of a closet somewhere waiting for a purpose.  If you are like me you have a stash of completed projects just waiting for someone to love them, mostly I have dishcloths, face “puffs”, scarves, and dish towels but there are a few shawls, hats, and even a couple slippers just hanging out looking for love.  I keep these on hand for those times when a friend pops over for a visit and is having a rough day, or for last minute birthday gifts.  The thing is right now I have enough projects in that closet to give at least a dozen gifts!  What are the chances I’ll need a dozen last minute gifts in the next 6 months?  Not too good I’d say, so I need to stop adding to that closet for now and start using it up!  Hotel Of Bees In Progress

I am currently working on a lovely shawl, It’s called Hotel of Bees and it’s been a lot of fun to crochet, but I’m never going to wear it.  It’s just not my style, not my colors, and if I’m being really honest I just don’t care much for acrylic yarn.  So this particular shawl I actually plan to give to a local hospital along with a few others that are in the back of my closet to be given to patients there who may be visiting frequently for treatments and find themselves chilly.  It’s a win for everyone, I get to relax and enjoy my knitting (and crochet), and a person who may not be feeling their best gets a lovely handmade gift to brighten their day and give some comfort.

You can also knit tiny hats, wraps, and blankets for preemie babies at the hospital as well.  What a blessing tiny little hats are to a mama who’s baby is just too tiny for anything the hospital has.  It’s a comfort to her to know that someone loved her baby enough to give him or her a handmade little hat.  Blankets are also lovely because mama can take them home and sleep with them and then leave her scent with baby when she can’t be there.  Wraps are usually used when a baby doesn’t survive, but the families appreciate them because it means their tiny baby has something beautiful to be buried in.

Some other charities you might consider knitting for:

Knitted Knockers: They provide soft knitted inserts for women who have had mastectomies.  The pattern is available on their website and you can even send them in unstuffed to save on postage.  They do ask that you use specific types of yarn which is listed on their website.

Several charities collect knitted or crochet squares in any yarn and color which are then sewn together by volunteers to create blankets for hospital patients, homeless individuals, or combat veterans.

Hats and Scarves can be donated to Beanies for Baghdad to help keep the children of Afghanistan warm in the winter.  You can also donate these items to local homeless shelters, or domestic violence shelters.

Wildlife rescue nests accepts knitted nests to be used to comfort orphaned baby animals.

One last suggestion for your creations is to donate them to a local charity to be included in a gift basket or raffle prize, or even to be auctioned off to raise money for the charity.  I have several charities that I love, and believe in the work they do and while I can’t give monetary donations I do gift them some of my work which they have included in a large basket of raffle prizes, or auctioned in a silent auction with all proceeds going to that charity.