King’s Faith Christian Movie Review

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Always looking for a good Christian movie to watch with the family? I had the pleasure of receiving for the purpose of review a new movie called King’s Faith, starring Emmy Award winning actress Lynn Whitfield (The Women of Brewster Place, Madea’s Family Reunion), Crawford Wilson (Judging Amy, Zoey 101), Kayla Compton (Entourage), and James McDaniel (Malcolm X, NYPD Blue). We enjoyed King’s Faithas a family.


Eighteen foster homes. Nine arrests. One life-changing moment.

After Brendan King’s life spiraled to rock bottom, the teen found hope in a new relationship with Christ while serving time in a juvenile penitentiary. Recently released from prison, Brendan finds solace in the foster home of a couple struggling with suppressed grief.

As the city-bred teen enrolls at a suburban high school, he finds support from a group of believers. Yet the bonds of his old way of life—and the gang that wants to know where he hid their stash on a long-ago night—are strong. In his darkest moment, Brendan found faith. Now he must decide if it’s worth the price to hold on to it.

King’s Faithis a great Christian movie for the whole family. It follows the story of Brendan King, just out of detention (again) and living in the home of a Christian family who recently lost their own son. It takes a little while to see and figure out, but Brendan found Jesus in jail or along the way somewhere, and is trying to live out his new life in Christ. The problems arise when his old gang finds him, and expects him to help them locate a drug stash that was hidden before they all were put away. Brendan fights it for a long time, saying he doesn’t remember where it is, until the gang goes to hurting those he loves.

When it comes down to it, even as Brendan gives in, he knows right from wrong and still stops the gang from carrying out their plans. God has a way of working things out in the end, increasing Brendan’s faith and in the process also repairing the faith of the foster family who loves him.

We found this to be a great Christian movie about acceptance, forgiveness, and second chances. It’s about faith, and it’s about relationship. We will watch this one again and again! Here’s a tidbit and you can find more on their website:

Endorsed by The Dove Foundation, and MOVIEGUIDE, here’s some basic info:

Release Date: October 22, 2013
Run Time: 108 minutes
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Suggested Retail Price: $14.99
Special Features: A 10-minute behind-the-scenes feature, commentary, discussion guide, Bible study clips affiliated with the LIVE IT OUT Bible Study


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  1. Glogirl says

    I have enjoyed watching The Shunning and The Confession with my family. I love Amish fiction and love that these books were turned into movies!

    • dalynnrmc says

      I haven’t heard of those movies; thank you for sharing them! I’ll have to look them up and see if we can find them on Netflix or Amazon, or possibly look into purchasing them for Christmas. I haven’t read much Amish fiction, but have plenty of it on my Kindle. I need to get after it I guess! Thanks for coming and commenting and entering! Bless you!

  2. Jaynessa says

    I actually really enjoy shows like Seventh Heaven, Highway to Heaven, Touched by an Angel, Sue Thomas FBeye, Little House on the Prairie and the like. My boys love listening to Mr. Ingles play the violin.