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All of my kids enjoy using online reading and math learning programs, so when I had the opportunity to review K5 Learning I looked forward to using it to supplement our usual curricula. We received a six month subscription to the online program, which can be used with up to four students including access to K5 Reading, K5 Math, and K5 Spelling.

K5 Learning

Online Reading and Math

We started out with the 2 week free trial, and all four of my younger students took the assessments for both reading and math. The assessments take a good half hour, but I really enjoyed the numerical value they gave at the end to show where within a grade level my student falls. The only thing I wish is that for students which fall outside of the fifth grade maximum offered, that it still gave me a grade level for those.

The website is designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, as you might guess from its title. The lessons are short, about 5 minutes of cartoon video lesson and then a short quiz. The younger levels get a break and play cute games like collecting trash out of the ocean, which was the favorite part for my twins. At the end of the lesson the student sees a stop light; this isn’t necessarily the end of the entire “volume” or “chapter” but it’s all I required my kids to do each day because we’re just using it as a supplement.

k5 onilne learningMy two younger kids enjoy spending 5-10 minutes on reading and then 5-10 minutes on math. I told the computer before the assessment that my daughter is a kindergartner, and I told it that her twin brother is a first grader. It ranked them almost the same as far as what they knew, but placed them in the same grades I told it. My son did do slightly better than my daughter did on the tests, but it’s being too easy for him and I might email to move him up a level since that’s an option.

My two older kids are spending their time just on the reading portions. My two older kids are 12 and 14, but one is dyslexic and the other has no diagnosis but just truly hates language arts and scored lower than his younger brother. They were both placed in the “upper 5th grade” level, and if they were my only students I wouldn’t pay for this program for just them. They did test out on the math side, but I’m not entirely sure that the program is doing them a lot of good beyond practice. I’m going to have them continue doing it, though, because they enjoy it and it will serve as a daily warm-up type exercise for my struggling learners.

K5 Learning

I do wish there was a place to view all the lessons. I did find on the parent dashboard where you can go in and assign lessons. Those lessons are listed in groups, and you can click on them and see the lessons within each volume/chapter. I’d love to see descriptive titles of these and a comprehensive, one-glance list at least in the dashboard somewhere, along with check marks next to what my kids have completed. The reports section tells you how many volumes/chapters they’ve completed but to me that’s misleading because my kids spend every day on the program and that report doesn’t give them credit for that.

k5 online math
While the twins are learning about phonemic awareness and addition, and so much more, the big kids are learning about reading comprehension, context clues, and grammar. There’s also an option to practice spelling; the program contains its own lists but is designed for you to input your lists for your student. My big kids are past that point and my younger kids aren’t quite there yet, so we didn’t do much with that part of the program.

We are really enjoying the program, especially with my younger kids. This has been a super rough month (almost two months) for us, and K5 has helped stand in the gap during this time in our lives. I will likely look into continuing this subscription beyond our review period. I’m sure my younger students will fuss at me if I don’t!

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