Jehovah Jireh

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The Lord is so good, y’all! And He is our Provider, and our protection, our shield. And His love and mercies never end!

Jehovah Jireh

Today, we had a WIC appointment in Clifton. I hadn’t planned it that way, but it sure made it handy that we weren’t having to make a double trip; hubby gets paid on Mondays also, and goes to pick up his checks in Clifton then. So we did it all in one trip. YAY!

On the way we passed a fire. It was really quite freaky – flames right there in the ditch next to the highway. There were no fire trucks there yet even. We didn’t have a cell phone to call them, but noticed several cars pulled over on the other side of the highway and figured at least one of them was calling. Before we reached Clifton, we passed fire trucks headed back that way. We prayed that they would be able to get the fire out quickly and without complication.

By the time we came back through and passed there on the way home, it was nearly out if not completely. We couldn’t see smoke any more until we got right up at the spot, and they were still spraying it down with water. Looks like the railroad tracks being there really helped it not spread terribly far.

We’d passed and seen black spots where fire had come through in several places nearby recently, and even once last week or so saw that a tree in the middle of the blackness had re-ignited. But we hadn’t been as close as this to actual flames, nor were any of the others so close to our own home. This was less than 5 miles outside town. But the Lord protected us, and it didn’t seem that any buildings were damaged. Lots of grass gone, and a few trees, but nothing else. Thank the Lord for the quick response and that the volunteer fire fighters were able to get it out so quickly!

So, at the WIC appointment, babies had their 12-month “check-up” visit. Lynndi weighs 17lbs 11oz and is 27″ long. Caleb weighs 22lbs 10oz and is 29″ long. Caleb is sitting at about the 50% mark, which she acted like was great! Lynndi is at 35% and she said that’s a little behind but she’s got until 2 years to “catch up” – whatever that means. She said it’s not a concern at all, and for her height Lynndi is a perfect weight. Lynndi’s iron is a little low; 9.7 when it should be 11, but she said just let the doctor know the next time we go. She’s been congested and not nursing as long at each sitting, so that probably affected her numbers. Caleb’s numbers were fine, and they eat the same food ya know.

While we were at WIC, Bill went to pick up his paycheck. I was a little worried at first, when I looked at the stub – um, his paycheck WAS more than $70, right? Yes, it was – he got TWO checks. Apparently, he got paid holiday pay for working on Labor Day and they paid him on a separate check for it in addition to his 50-hour check. We didn’t know that was going to be there! Praise God! We’re paying out late electric bills, but with this help and the next 2 checks which won’t have to go to rent we will be all caught up finally. INCLUDING, I might add, that we did pay the second half of our rent today. (It was due today, and we paid the first half last week.) FULLY on time for the first time since we moved in here! I’m sure our landlord is praising God, too. HA!

The Lord is answering several prayers in our lives right now, and one of the specific ones I’ve been praying is for friends. Not just friends, but specific people in my life and in the lives of my husband and family. The past couple of weeks, the Lord has opened my eyes and helped me realize that several of the people in our current circle fill those requests perfectly. One of those is the new neighbor who has moved in behind us. A single mom adopting a 4th boy who is related to her and was removed from his parents via social services, she is someone we can help physically, emotionally, spiritually, and who knows how else. She is right at ripe for so much in her life, and I can see some of that coming to fruition today. Emotional times not far away, but praise God to be in a position to point her to the cross from where her help comes!! I’m so excited! Nervous too, a little – pray for us both – but WOW what a blessing to be in a position to be used by God in someone’s life like that! YAY!

This past weekend really caught me on fire, I think. Great days, great teachings all weekend, and refreshment and provision on Monday! Thank you, Jesus!