Jamberry Nails Review

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Wish you  had time to do your own nails? Have you tried doing your own nails but just don’t do a very good job of it, always making a mess, or never getting the texture quite right? Jamberry  has your answer!

nail wraps

I had the privilege to receive for review 2 packages of Jamberry nail wraps! Have you seen these? They are basically stickers for your fingernails. They go on easily, stay on well, and everyone has complimented the patterns and been surprised that they were “stickers” and not polish. They don’t look like stickers once you apply them.

Each sheet comes with 2 tabs, and each tab can do at least 2 nails. So, each sheet basically will do your nails 4 times. Or, do your toenails and fingernails at the same time and get 2 full mani-pedi’s out of it. That will depend a little bit on the sizing of your nails and which tabs you’ll need to use, but for the most part it should work out that way. I also found that once I’d used each end of a tab, that I could usually just trim the middle section a little more and use it at least one more time. That came in handy for things like doing my toenails, where I needed a lot of the little wraps.

small nails

One of the sheets I received was a smaller sized package, so I could do Lynndi’s nails too! It was so cute! These are all smaller, instead of including the 4 large tabs like the normal sheets do for your thumbs and big toenails. This sheet has three rows of tabs instead of just 2, so you should be able to get 6 full applications from it. Lynndi loved them!

Applying Jamberry Nails

The application process wasn’t quite as obvious as it seemed to me. I’d lost the instruction sheet my friend had sent me and tried to find instructions for applying online. The instructions I found didn’t include one important tidbit, and that is to heat the tab before applying it to your nails. Just to hold it in front of a heater or use a hair dryer type of heat, which it did say to do after you sized and trimmed and filed them to the shape of your nail. But, it’s important to heat them before doing all of that so that they will stick better and not wrinkle.

That said, even the ones I did wrong that wrinkled some still did eventually set properly. It did take longer for them to set than I’d realized, and I’m not sure if that had to do with my not realizing to heat them before applying or if it was just because it was very cold here that day in general or what. I left the house that evening and ended up losing 2 of the wraps, and Lynndi couldn’t keep hers on her nails long enough to allow them to set. (And with hers I knew to heat them first. She’s just too little to be that patient, I think.)

But, by the next morning when I took a shower, I only lost one more nails wrap on my fingers (and a few on my toes, which I’d done first and not properly). Actually, I had been worried about losing all the nails in the shower because of how slow they’d been to set and was pleasantly surprised that they did stay on after all! I went back to my sheet and cut some new wraps, heated them before applying, and covered the few nails that were bare. They’ve stuck wonderfully since then, and I’ve had compliments that they don’t even look like stickers. People are amazed at how I could’ve been so talented as to paint this lovely design on my tiny nails – believe me, I’m not that talented!

jamberry nails

It didn’t take long to do, at all. It was very easy to do, and fun, and they have stuck on my nails for a week now with only the beginner’s issues at the start. There are cheap imitations at the dollar stores, I know, but they don’t have the size range that Jamberry does and not nearly the pattern selection for sure! But, if you haven’t tried nail wraps before, I might suggest trying the cheap ones before you try these nice Jamberry wraps, so you don’t end up with nice nails down the drain simply through inexperience as I did. Once you know what you’re doing, these are beautiful and easy and the quality and variety can’t be beat.

Contact my friend Torrie Jackson for more information or to order your Jamberry nail wraps today!