I’m an Enabler, Not a Salesman

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As part of my mission and goals for this website, I’d like to be able to contribute to my family’s finances. It’s very Biblical for me to do so; the Proverbs 31 woman was absolutely an entrepreneur, and we’ll look at that more closely in a moment, and probably periodically on this site. But for now, as we launch the new Biblical Womanhood website, I want to speak to you about my heart behind these intentions and where the Lord has led my change of mindset.

I can “salesperson” with the best of them. I can push and pressure, and I can give you that crazy fake smile, and I can even talk fast and have you signing papers before you know what hit you. But I hate that. I hate it to the point that I’ve never really done much of it, and my sales positions in the past have never really amounted to much because I haven’t been willing to utilize those tactics. But I know that it’s within my God-given personality to be a sales person, and I know that it’s God’s will to prosper me. With those two things as fact, it’s still been difficult to balance how to use the one for the purposes of the other.


So along came this blogging thing. I knew God wanted to use it, and part of my well-laid plans included finally using my creative writing skills to contribute to family finance. Then there was the whole, wide world of review blogging, and I tried to combine that with my Christian values. I jumped on several bandwagons in an effort to have opportunity to make money, and I tried to tap into the social following I gathered because of the blogging to further those endeavors. They were one more way for my blog to make money.

But, you know what?

Blogging hasn’t helped me nearly as much in my selling endeavors as I’d imagined it would. Know the best thing that’s worked for me so far? I went to a training meeting and they made me make a list of people I know who might be interested in a live demo, a facebook party, etc – 6 different categories. Then they made us actually call them, right then, and write down a date. So I called folks. I told them, hey, we’re here at a training and they’re giving out prizes if I can get down dates – when can I write you down? and people just DID it. They just did it. Easy as pie. Why? Relationship.

This whole thing isn’t about making money. It’s not about undermining your family’s finances in order to further my own agenda. It’s about helping other people, and getting them access to the things they actually need and want in their lives.


I’m doing quite well in this newest business. It’s about the Lord’s timing, and I know that. It’s about working the plan, and planning to work. It’s NOT about convincing people that they need my product. You know if they need it, even if you might need help learning how to use it, or seeing its worth, or getting the most bang for your buck. But I’m done trying to convince people they need something if they don’t already know that they need it. I’m an enabler, not a salesman. 😉

In Proverbs 31, there are several references to show us that this “virtuous wife” is an entrepreneur:

  • She seeks wool and flax, And willingly works with her hands. (verse 13)
  • She considers a field and buys it; From her profits she plants a vineyard. (verse 16)
  • She perceives that her merchandise is good, And her lamp does not go out by night. (verse 18)
  • She makes linen garments and sells them, And supplies sashes for the merchants. (verse 24)
  • Give her of the fruit of her hands, And let her own works praise her in the gates. (verse 31)

She works with her hands. She profits from wise trading. She has some sort of merchandise and follows good business and quality practices. Verse 24 is obvious when it says that she makes garments and sells them; this verse also speaks of generosity and shows that she gives away some of those products instead of selling them for profit. The chapter concludes by saying, give the woman what she has earned, and her actions speak for themselves.

It is my opinion that it is God’s will for my life to contribute to my family’s finances. It is my conviction that I should do this through the talents He has given to me and the opportunities He has afforded, including staying home to raise my children. Please don’t ever interpret my entrepreneurial endeavors on this site to be anything other than my attempt at enabling you to follow the Lord’s will and personal convictions in your own life, including homeschooling, frugality and stewardship, being feminine, staying healthy, keeping home, and any other area where I might provide an opportunity for my readers to support this blog. I want to bless you, help you, and be there to support you in any way I can.

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If all of this frees you to support me easier, great. If it gives you perspective on growing your own online business, fantastic! If it helps to put all the little pieces into the puzzle we call Biblical Womanhood, then I’m thankful. An attitude of servanthood is a major mindset change for me. Soon, I will share my long, selfish journey. But it’s a story of revelation about being selfish, and being immediately determined to change that. It’s about recognizing character flaws in myself, and allowing the Lord to work those out of my system. It’s about bringing every part of my life, my marriage, my home, my attitude, and yes – even my business, into line with God’s will for me.


    • dalynnrmc says

      Hi Kelly! I appreciate your visiting my blog today. 🙂 I’m glad this article blessed you. I’m trying to sort through and hash out a new direction and intent with my blog, now that I’ve quit my part-time job and can spend a little more time on it. I just wanted my readers to hear my heart. Thanks for taking the time to comment, and have a blessed week!

    • dalynnrmc says

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! It excites me, too, to know that God put this drive in me and it’s not disrespectful or dishonoring to my husband. In fact it IS honoring! Actually, that thought right there inspires, motivates, and even convicts me to do a better job. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to comment. Be blessed!