How to Celebrate the End of Summer

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What do you do at the end of the summer? Do you hold a “not back to school” or similar party? Maybe you get your planning done for the coming school year? In our homeschool, we school year-round, so we’ve continued to do academics for most of the year, though it’s been light work this year. Come September, my twins will be officially beginning to homeschool (they’ll be 5 years old on the 8th), so I was thinking what we might can do for a last hoo-rah before the fall.

celebrate the end of summer
Celebrate the End of Summer

  • What fun amusements do you have within just a few hours’ drive from your house?

We have season passes to Six Flags, so we’ll almost certainly go back before school starts. We might switch it up and go to Fiesta Texas instead; it’s a little further but not much, and they have a water park in addition to the amusement rides.

  • Don’t forget to go swimming!

I keep promising the kids that we can go swimming at the pastor’s house and we haven’t done that yet. MOM FAIL!

  • Do something the whole family loves, or is special to one person.

We really need to go camping. I think my middle son – whose birthday is next week – would like to go camping for his birthday. Because of finances, he might be camping in the back yard… or he’d probably really love to camp out in my dad’s back yard instead. (My dad lives on almost 4 acres outside of West, TX in the country. The scout troop several years ago actually did a campout on property on their same road.)

  • Plan an activity nearby that is totally and completely free, intended for spending time with one another and having fun.

For the twins’ birthday we might take them to the park in the city that has a free water blast area. It’s not quite a water PARK with rides and stuff; but it’s got water squirting out of all sorts of pipes, even the ground, and things to ride and stand on. We can take a picnic; they’ve been begging me to go on a picnic since I got my Tupperware set!

Tupperware earn it free

  • Have a sleepover!

We’ll probably let the kids spend the night with cousins; there are two sets of cousins, so between my kids staying there and those kids staying here, we have about 4 rounds of that kind of thing to do in the next few weeks.

  • Don’t miss a last date night of the summer.

Hubby’s and my anniversary is also this week. I might plan one of those nights where the kids are gone for then, and hubby gets paid the next day so we’ll save any outings for then. Our anniversary is a Tuesday, pay day is Wednesday, and then my middle son’s birthday is Thursday! It’s a busy week!

  • Organize for your business or your blog.

And yes, I need to do some planning. I’ve got Tupperware planning to do, blog content and product creation (you want to see some products from me, right?), and homeschool planning to do. I’ll share a few of my planning sheets with you and talk about the premade planners I’ve loved and used longest.

With Tupperware, I’m planning a blogger promotion over the next several weeks to promote the new catalog! You’re going to love the new products coming out soon!

  • Plan your homeschool year, including field trips, co-ops, budgeting, curricula, and any other family specifics you need to consider.

I’ve already made my teenager sit and figure out what he still needs to complete for his sophomore year of high school credits, and we’re working together to plan out the rest of his high school years. I’m getting in touch with a local school about possibly doing band with them, looking into a co-op for art, PE, and drama, and also on the list is to find out the details on dual credit enrollment from the two community colleges nearby.

  • Buy school supplies!

Oh and there’s school supplies to buy, if we get the chance! Thank goodness that my kids don’t also need new clothes at this time of year; I don’t know how we’d swing that if they did. Homeschooling rocks!

So what do you and your family do for the end of the summer? Anything fun?

I’ve joined some friends in posting about the end of our summer or the beginning of our school year. Go see what everyone else is doing (or suggesting, or talking about…) this time of year!

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