Gift Guide 2013

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Hello and welcome to the Gift Guide for 2013 courtesy of For the Display of His Splendor! From now until the 15th, expect a plethora of great products and companies, all geared towards helping you find some great gifts to celebrate the birth of Jesus at Christmas this year. I will continue editing this post over the next week or so in order to add all of the gift guide choices, and denote whether they are from a specifically Christian company or not. Please note: the following links and the posts below contain affiliate links. If you purchase something after clicking these links, it will bless our family this Christmas. I hope it will also be a blessing to you. Thanks and Merry Christmas!


Gift Guide Listing

Liquid Chalk Markers – My Review – buy it now on Amazon

**King’s Faith movie – My Review – buy it now on Amazon – CHRISTIAN COMPANY

**3D Fiber Lashes by Younique – My Review – CHRSITIAN DISTRIBUTOR

**HIS Coffee – My Review – CHRISTIAN COMPANY

**Tupperware – My Party Post – CHRISTIAN DISTRIBUTOR

**Crocheted items from By the LightMy Review – CHRISTIAN SMALL BUSINESS

**World Vision Gifts – My Review – CHRISTIAN BUSINESS


…..more to come!!


I hope this Gift Guide is helpful to you as you seek out gifts for your loved ones this Christmas season. I hope it helps you to find Christian small businesses, companies, and distributors where you can feel confident in stewarding your money for His Kingdom. Next year I hope to bring you an expanded Christian Gift Guide, with new companies and companies which will serve as alternatives to some of the national brands you recognize but would prefer to avoid. Please, if you have any suggestions for next year’s Christian Gift Guide, email me with ideas or with companies for which you would like to find Christian alternative shopping experiences.

Merry Christmas! God bless you and yours this Christmas season.