Do the Pins!

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I love Pinterest! But I don’t always do the pins that I pin. In fact, I don’t have a very good track record of actually doing the activities I find there and love so much. I’ve done a few things I’ve found there, but I need to make a habit of actually doing more or it’s not worth my time on there! Here are a few things I’ve actually done, and a few of my boards where I need to get more projects accomplished.

do the pins

I DID do the pins!

Here’s one I did. I did join the Schoolhouse Review Crew, and it has been a huge blessing to my family! If you’re interested in applying, now is a great time to start making sure that your blog is active and that you post about homeschooling at least occasionally. They start taking applications right around October sometime.

I found another one! (Don’t ask me how long that took to find, in real time….) I made mushroom soup a while back, and it was delicious! I pinned several recipes, but this one is the one I used – I think. I’m going to make more tomorrow so I hope this is the right one!

This is one of my favorite recipes from a site I found YEARS ago, while she was still in the midst of using her crock pot every day for a year. I reference this site a TON and finally had to pin this recipe so I can find it when I want it.

I made these for my baby sister’s wedding shower a couple of years ago.

WAHOO! Another pin I got around to doing. This one I did pretty soon after I saw the pin, but I made it my own way. Did you see it on my Instagram?

I was happy I remembered to find this pin when we were given a whole BOX of corn tortillas a few years ago. We needed the help at the time, but, what does one do with a box of corn tortillas?? Make chips!

I made ONE of these, the year before last. I’ll do more, because it was fun and it’s right up my alley for decorations, but the one I made, I gave away in an ornament exchange. GREAT idea and not hard!

Well… that’s all I can find! That’s not a lot, especially when you consider that I have almost 5,000 pins all combined. What’s up with that?

I WILL do the pins!

So, for the next half of this year (and hopefully even past that), I’m making a commitment to do the pins I pin. If I’m not going to DO them, then it’s not worth the time I spend pinning them. It’s a time management thing! So, here’s a look at what’s on my list:
Follow DaLynn’s board Homeschooling – Art and Music on Pinterest.

My Homeschool Art board is one of the specific boards where I need and want to start doing some of these pins. There are some fabulous ideas on there! Follow DaLynn’s board Crafts to do with Kids on Pinterest.
The Crafts to do with Kids board is another one that’s high up on the list. Maybe I’ll start with Father’s Day crafts like THIS or THIS.
Follow DaLynn’s board Organization on Pinterest.

Organization is definitely one board that needs to get done, in a series, pin by pin! Do the pins!!

Follow DaLynn’s board Preschool and Toddler on Pinterest.
The Preschool/Toddler board (and the Kindy board) both have a lot of stuff on them that I need and want to do for and with the twins. They’ve already outgrown some of it, and I did start putting together some of the busy box activities listed, but it’s time to get a handle on it and get them made so I can set up a system to actually USE them as well.

Any of my crafts boards – sewing, crocheting, scrapbooking – all of that is on my list as well. I plan on doing recipes from all the recipe boards (including the Considering Gluten board). And more!

I think I’ll make a do the pins series, and I’ll start using #dothepins as a hashtag. I’m challenging myself to do at least one pin every week for the rest of the year. I hope you’ll join me!

Would you like for me to make this “do the pins” series a linky opportunity?

Leave me a comment with one board where you want to start doing the pins, and if I get enough responses then I’ll start a linky and feature one of you who actually gets one of your pins done each week. Blessings!


    • dalynnrmc says

      I think we all do! If I started a linky for doing this, might you join up? Thanks for visiting me today and taking the time to comment; I really appreciate it! Be blessed!

    • dalynnrmc says

      HA! Isn’t that funny? How’d we manage to get all the pins pinned and not do any of them? (It’s so much easier to pin and say, oh that’s up my alley! Isn’t it? LOL) What’s your pinterest username? I’d love to follow you. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Be blessed!

        • dalynnrmc says

          HA! I’m sure you’re right there! It appears that I’m already following you. 🙂 Not sure if that happened this week, maybe on the IBN follow thread? Or some other time? Looking forward to seeing what all you create! Maybe we can keep one another on our toes and continuing to #dothepins this year. 🙂