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Welcome to Biblical Womanhood! This is the same blog and website formerly known as For the Display of His Splendor at the http://holysplendor.com URL and, in fact, if you’ll look up at your URL bar you will notice that it still does rest at that address. We are also found at http://biblicalwomanhood.info now! Isn’t that exciting! I know I’m excited, and I can’t wait to share with you all what that means for the site.

Not to worry – everything you are used to and love from me will still be here; we are expanding and gaining focus, not changing. The Lord is leading us into some great things!

First of all, of course, you’ll notice the lovely new graphics and change of layout! That is thanks to Amanda from ModernMint. Now, that’s just her personal blog, so don’t expect to see any design stuff there. She is looking to get back in to graphic design after a period of time away from it, so send her an email for your website needs and tell her I sent you!

Biblical Womanhood

Biblical Womanhood

The Lord laid the phrase Biblical Womanhood in my heart several weeks ago, after a long period of seeking Him about direction for this blog. I’ve always felt like He wanted me to help others grow by sharing my own journey, and knew the areas where I feel most comfortable leading others, but it’s always been difficult for me to wrap my mind around a specific niche topic. You see, those areas seem so diverse – marriage, homeschooling, weight loss, housekeeping, Bible study, crafts, entrepreneurship, parenting, and so many more – that I couldn’t really place them all under one heading.

I couldn’t do that until recently, when the Lord spoke to me about my gift of teaching. You see, the difference between teaching someone something and just telling them is results. Spiritually, I believe that real changes in people, real revelation, real growth – that comes through relationship. How can I develop relationship with my readers? How can I help you grow?

By sharing my own journey, that’s how. That’s what readers enjoy most, anyway! The ups and downs I’ve been through and the lessons I learned in those are what will help God’s children most. So what has my journey been? What is my goal? What is it about my life that is worth sharing with you?

This blog is about my journey as I seek to become the woman, wife, and mother that the Lord intends for me to be. Biblical Womanhood is about the woman outlined in scripture, for starters, but also the woman that He has breathed into me by desire, by rhema word spoken into me, and by the path He has led me down and brought me through to this point.


The Lord brought this all to mind in kind of a funny way, but I’m a firm believer that the Lord can speak to us any way He wants, through anything. I took a silly Facebook quiz to see “Which Biblical Woman” I was most like. My answer was Hannah. At first I was confused; annoyed, maybe, at the silly waste of time that I know most FB quizzes are. I have 5 kids and Hannah was barren; what could I possibly have in common with her?

Hannah Results

Oh! Well, okay then! That makes sense to me. The Lord has always spoken to me about the seasons, and encouraged me during the dark times of my life. He’s always promised me beautiful and grand things, and given me hope for a future. And He has given me the grace to see and understand when and how those promises have come true. Those dark seasons of life are hard, and He’s pulled me through them and taught me about Himself and about myself. These are the lessons that others in those seasons need to hear, need to understand, that God is there and can and will pull you through. I’m proof!

But, He’s not done with me yet. I’m by no means perfect, by no means a super mom, the model wife, or the greatest example of Biblical Womanhood. I can share with you what the Lord has already brought me through, what He’s already taught me, but I know some of the most valuable pieces of me will come through in what He’s teaching me and bringing me through right now. I want to share with you the wisdom of seasons past, but I want to share with you this current season as well. I want you to see that it’s all a process, it’s about layers, and we can all continue to grow in Christ. We all have something to strive toward.

The story of Hannah is found mostly in 1 Samuel 1 but what strikes me most about her story is her prayer in chapter 2. Specifically, 1 Samuel 2:1 –

My heart rejoices in the Lord!
    The Lord has made me strong.
Now I have an answer for my enemies;
    I rejoice because you rescued me.

If you have the time, please do read the whole prayer found in 1 Samuel 2:1-10. In the next few days, I’ll be sharing about the topics I plan to blog about as this website takes on this new focus and new mission. This isn’t a change from the old mission, just my way of focusing those ideas into a practical plan of action. I’ll share my main categories and what all they encompass, and then I’ll blog about each subtopic and inquire of you – my readers – what you might like to hear from me in those areas. To see all the topics and subcategories I plan to cover, see THIS PAGE for a site overview.

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