Cricut Black Friday Sale

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I’m pleased to have recently become a Cricut affiliate, and hope myself to obtain a machine this Christmas! (One can hope, right?) I’m a scrapbooker from way back when I graduated high school, but have been away from it for a while now except for short spurts of getting out my supplies. When my husband recently asked me to return to the hobby, though, how could I refuse? Keep an eye out for a Scrappy Saturday post as often as I can during 2016! Now, on to this year’s Black Friday Deals!

Crafty Gift Ideas

I’ll be crafting much of our Christmas gifting this year, and I’m excited to do some of it with Cricut!

I plan to make some paper dolls for my baby girl (age 5), complete with folder in which to keep them. I’ll cut out some people frames and then use different patterned papers to cut out clothing for them all. I know she’ll love it! I might even make a similar set for her twin brother, with community worker attire or similar.

I also plan to make a sticker collection book for each of my little ones. Cricut will help make the book, decorations for the book pages, AND some fun stickers to get the collection started!

One of these days, I’ll venture into vinyl and faux leather to make clings and wall decorations. There are some cute blog posts about candle wraps that I can’t wait to try! Gifts for grownups, for the win!

Did you know that Cricut does iron-ons? Me either! Pillows, towels… the possibilities are endless.

Those are just a few of the ideas I have brewing in my head, and that’s not even to mention wrapping paper, boxes, and gift tags. Of course, those items are a given. What do YOU plan on crafting for Christmas this year? (Or what have you already completed? You go-getter!) Leave me a comment, and check out these deals!

Black Friday Deals

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