Christian Married Sexuality

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Whoa! Christian Married Sexuality? That’s one bold topic to address! Yes, yes – I know! (And, my mother reads my blog – usually, at least – so it’s a subject that I have a hard time thinking about how to post it!) But, here’s the thing: Even my mother knows that, especially in this area of life, I’ve been through a lot. The Lord has brought me through too much to not combine that with my God-given teaching skills. I must.


But this whole Christian Blogger thing is hard, y’all! Where do I even begin to broach this topic? How do I start? Well, first of all, I believe and understand that this is one topic where you as the reader will need to trust your advisor. You’ll need to believe that the information comes from a Biblical perspective, and trust that anything you might contribute to the conversation will remain as private as possible. In fact, it’s probably better to get this advice from someone local. But believe me when I say that I understand how that is far too often not a possibility for many people.

I hope that I can help shed some light on some tough topics for those of you who don’t have that resource in your local lives. I hope that soon you will trust me enough to allow me to help in this area. To start with, please let me provide you with a list of great reading and websites that I have trusted and used over the years.

Books on Christian Married Sexuality

The Generous Wife and The Generous Husband by the Byerly’s. This couple had a website when I was going through some of the rough stuff in my own marriage several years ago. These books are a compilation of what was on those sites, plus some great information and cohesiveness for book’s sake. This was where I started and how I learned to find out about what God’s Word has to stay about Christian Married Sexuality.

Sheet Music. Just read it.

Intimacy Ignited. Reading this book together really helped us open up the conversation with one another and has left us feeling very comfortable about discussing sexual issues with one another even to this day. It wasn’t really the book; it was the time together, but the subject of the book allowed us to trek into some areas of conversation that we may not have ever gone, otherwise.

Love Done Right. Cute and crisp devotionals, straight from the heart of someone who’s been through the trenches. This is one I didn’t read until well after most of my hardships were over. At just 99 cents, it’s well worth it to give it a look!

Books by Gary Chapman. If you’re struggling in your marriage and you haven’t read any of these, this is your first assignment! These aren’t strictly about Christian married sexuality, but they do at least touch on that subject, and they foster an environment where those things can be discussed openly. Every married couple should be required to read these books! If you aren’t much of a reader, start with The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted. I wrote a review on that book; it’s got short chapters and fantastic, applicalble activities to do at the end of each.


The Generous Wife – not the same website as I used, but the same people. It’s a much nicer site these days! Take a look.

The Marriage Bed – this site is also run by the Byerly’s and was a fantastic source for research and information in my past. Again, it’s been much updated since then.

Romance Between the Lines – a site with printable games and suggestions. Originally, I found it through the Generous Wife boards, but they are not affiliated.

…and more

The other resources I may can help you track down are probably not fitting for a first post like this on my site. If you have questions or specific needs, feel free to email me and I will point you to a resource if I can. If you have questions that you’d like to see addressed on this site, please fill out the survey form I created for launch week feedback for this topic. I’d love to hear your suggestions, and you can stay anonymous.

I hope that posting about this topic will be a blessing to you! Is this something you can use in this season of your life?