Christian Fellowship Friday

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Hello, faithful friends! How have you been this week? There’s a lot going on here as we prepare for spring, and for Spring Break!

Don’t forget to share the linkup and visit, share, comment, and “like” the post before yours. Have a blessed weekend!

Here are my Random 5 for this week:

  • We are going on a family vacation for Spring Break next week! We’re just driving up the road to Dallas/Fort Worth and we’ll be visiting Six Flags, Lego Land, the IMAX theater, the Fort Worth Zoo, and still have at least a day that we aren’t sure yet what we’ll do. God is good and we are thankful and excited about a vacation!
  • I completely forgot to post the Weight Loss Wednesday linkup this week! If you don’t know about it, it’s just a place to keep one another accountable regarding our fitness and health goals for the year. I’ve lost weight, but this week I’m back up a little to 209.8 – that’s still a pound down from the previous week, but that week was 5 pounds up because of my cycle so I’d hoped it would drop right back off. Arg.
  • I got a FitBit this week! (It’s my birthday present to myself, since we didn’t have money on my birthday.) I can’t wait to see how it does today while I’m at work giving massages. I’ll keep you updated!
  • I’m working on connecting the fitBit to the FitStudio because every bit of exercising I do, calorie goals I meet, etc, earns me Shop Your Way Rewards dollars! Free stuff – woot!!
  • I joined Tupperware! So, I’m now the Tupperware lady. My website is here and my first goal is to sell $900 worth of product in my first 60 days so that the rest of my kit will be free. THIS sale ends today if you’d like to check it out and help me! Of course, another sale starts tomorrow; I’ll post it on my Facebook page. Thank you!