Christian Fellowship Friday

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Hello friends! How was your week? Are you remembering to read, comment, and share on the other blogs?

Things have been busy here, what with my working a part-time job and still homeschooling through the summer. We decided from the very beginning that we would school “year-round” and continue learning through the summer. It’s too hot here in central Texas to do much of anything else anyway, and we need more time off during the holidays. Schooling year-round allows us to be more relaxed about missing a day or two here or there as well.

For the Display of His Splendor
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For this week’s update, I’ll be joining the Random 5 at Pebble Pond. Remember to link up there too, especially when I forget or run out of time to post the Fellowship linkys. It’s about making friends and getting to know one another, so let’s share the love! My Random 5 for this week:

  • I’m about to watch and work out to a Christian dance video! Watch for this review coming soon!
  • Youth Conference is coming up soon, and I arranged to be off for all but two afternoons. It’ll be so exciting and the Lord always shows up! I can’t wait!
  • My kids are learning instruments, and even I am getting a piano refresher. The Lord is moving us toward a new and largely family-oriented worship, and I can’t wait to see what He’s got in store!
  • The job is going well. It’s still a job outside of the home and all that goes with that, but it’s a quick day and the tips are usually pretty good. I’m enjoying it and the experience in massage is good for me. I do look forward to the day when the Lord brings me enough clients that I can quit, though!
  • Hubby is wanted for an interview next week, and it is only through a strange connection that we were able to find out about it. (They say they’ve been calling and leaving messages, but we can’t find any evidence of that fact.) Please be in prayer for him that if this is what the Lord would have him do, that it would be a great schedule for great pay and all fall into place. Thank you, friends!

So how has your summer gone? Are you schooling through the summer? Please share! Link up anything, your home page, a category, giveaways, reviews… but please be sure and visit the other links, and please also browse around here on my site. Comments are always appreciated and a sure way to let us all know that you’ve been there and are getting to know us. Thanks! God bless!


    • dalynnrmc says

      Thanks and thanks for taking the time to comment! I’m not getting much input on the Proverbs post so I haven’t been sure if people want the rest of it done or not. I appreciate the feedback! Have a blessed week!