Christian Fellowship Friday

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How is everyone this week? Is the weather warming up some where you are? Spring is on its way!

Spring is also a time for new beginnings, for life to spring forward, and to come out of a dormant sleep. It’s a time for brightness, for color, for cleaning up and out, and for increased activity. T’is the season to be busy! (But, aren’t we always?!!)

For the Display of His Splendor
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Here are a few things going on at our house this week. Linking up with Random 5 because it gives me an easy to follow format to share our updates. Be blessed!

  • Our high school plans are changing slightly, partly because I’ve learned that the GED is changing (or has changed by now, I think). I might just have him “test out” of some things and come up with a transcript of sort. I may even base part of that on practice GED scores, which I’ll still have him do. We shall see….
  • We were blessed with a large amount of homeschool high school material, for a very small amount of money in exchange. I’ve had almost nothing for the full credit high school level. There are 21 SOS subjects here, plus some learning CD-ROMs, plus two big boxes of curriculum. What a blessing! Good friends are a blessing, and God is GREAT!
  • There are so many fun things coming up for review with the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew! We’re doing a new English curriculum, an art curriculum that looks amazing, spelling to post soon, and so much more! Keep your eyes open – this is a year of new things for us!
  • We are hoping to buy a house (did I say that already?) but will likely end up renting for a while. House hunting in this part of the country is so time consuming, and it’s hard to know what to look at just yet. I know this transition will be short, but I sure am anxious to move!!!
  • Hubby is doing his training ride-outs on an ambulance this week and next. He still needs to do ride-outs on the transfer van, and then he’ll get on the full schedule. God is good, and they are changing their pay dates, so hubby will get paychecks for two weeks in a row right off the bat, starting today! He’ll be home tomorrow and I can’t wait to hear about how his 3 shifts so far have gone.


    • dalynnrmc says

      I haven’t been able to keep caught up! Apologies – we’re looking at moving and dealing with hubby’s new schedule, and have been busy doing review stuff lately as well. I will try to get them up again starting this week – we shall see! Thanks for asking!