Christian Fellowship Friday

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Hello my beautiful friends! How was your week?

We are having a bit of a hard time getting back into the swing of things. It mostly goes to MY time management skills; that and the kids have issues with doing anything of worth unless I sit on them and MAKE them do it. It’s very frustrating for me, as I feel like I’m the only one they don’t readily obey, and they DO do the things I say… I don’t know, it’s hard to describe. Looking to solutions for both issues.

We are getting started on the TOS Review Crew, and I’m looking forward to bringing you some awesome reviews starting in February! I also have a couple of personal reviews on the list, so maybe I will get those up before the TOS stuff is ready… or maybe not.

This has been a busy week! I had two massage clients scheduled on Monday, and then I went to an AGLOW meeting where my mother was being instated as the new chapter’s president. It’s good that hubby was off work, because I was gone almost all day! Tuesday involved some repair work in the house, regarding our hot water heater and the window panes in the boys’ room. Wednesday was church. And in amongst this is our strange diet for the first few weeks of the year. More on that later.

For the Display of His Splendor
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Come link up!

You are welcome to link up any post, page, category, or your home page to your blog. I’m okay with multiple links as long as you don’t go crazy with it (2 or 3 is plenty), and as long as you reciprocate by visiting and commenting on as many other links  as you can. Remember, the linky is open through Monday and then closes to give us all time to go through and visit the blogs a few at a time as we have time during the week. Please remember to do so! If you love a post you visit, sharing on whatever social media you prefer is always very appreciated. Let’s support one another and network and grow as sisters in the Lord!

God bless you all!


    • dalynnrmc says

      Welcome back and thank you! I can’t wait to catch up and see what you’ve been up to this week, as our week here plugs along. I usually wait until the linky closes to start visiting, but if we have a couple dozen like we did a couple of weeks ago I’ll have to get an early start! LOL I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Blessings!