Christian Fellowship 2017

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Christian Fellowshp
How’s your week been? Mine has been super busy but good! I’ve done several kitchen planning sessions over the past couple of weeks (Modular Mates are on sale but only through next week!) and that’s been fun. A few of us local moms are starting a new scouting-type group called Quest, so plans are in the works for that. Just getting back into the swing and routine of things here!

I apologize for putting this up late. Honestly – I just forgot that it was Friday! I even forgot to get up and watch the inauguration and I’d really wanted to do that! (Of course, I caught a video of it online later today.) If you’re interested, several of us are fasting for the first 40 days of Trump’s new administration. To get info on that or join us, come join my Facebook group! We are also reading through the New Testament this year. I’m behind! How are you doing?

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