Christian Fellowship 2016

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This is the place to meet new Christian bloggers friends, make connections, develop relationships, and see how the Lord uses that network now and in the future. It’s all about Kingdom, y’all! Link up and share any lifestyle post that helps us get to know you! (No reviews, giveaways, sponsored content, etc.) Here’s our family’s update!

Christian Fellowshp

As the fall descends on us, it’s more difficult to get here each week and do this linkup! Please forgive me! I will try to find a day soon where I can schedule at least the linky through the rest of the year, so that even if I don’t make it on to add my updates you can at least have the linkup opportunity.

We’ve stayed very busy! Our homeschooling group has begun doing “enrichment classes” together; it’s a co-op, but some of our members don’t like that terminology so we aren’t calling it that. (Don’t ask me. I’ve no idea.) That’s all day on Mondays, followed by 4H activities, and that’s a new thing for us! Our local county is starting a Clover Kids group now too; those are the kids who are technically too young for 4H which starts in 3rd grade. Then Monday evenings is the county youth choir, where my three oldest kids participate. Our county has a Music Association and it’s sponsored by them; it’s free!

Tuesdays are mostly free, and we try to get our school work done that day. It’s really a slow-moving fall and I must admit that we have fallen way behind our intended schedule and goals.

Wednesday is always church, and I’m leading a video study right now by Graham Cooke. It’s called GameChangers and it’s about identity, about ridding ourselves of negativity in order to align with that identity, about seeing opportunity in every obstacle, about being a vehicle for the Lord to bring His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, about learning to allocate a Fruit of the Spirit for every old-man behavior… and so much more. Deep stuff, and awesome!

Thursdays are usually free at the moment, so that’s another full school work day. Fridays are also usually free, but this weekend hubby is off work for three days again so we’ll probably spend the weekend cleaning house!

Saturdays often are full of activities through the fall, and tomorrow is no exception. I’ll be out of town for a Leadership Development conference with AGLOW, and the boys have a choir performance here in town in conjunction with our town’s Fall Fest. It never ends around here!

Hubby did pass his certification test and is looking forward to a good raise from that. He also looks forward to being able to certify as a med aid, as soon as we can dig up the funds to pay for that class; it means another $2 in raise and would put us in a better position than we’ve almost ever been in, financially. God is good!

What’s going on in your world? Don’t forget to share this linky, and please comment here and/or on other posts on my site. I’ve lots of new reviews up! Thanks and be blessed!


    • dalynnrmc says

      HA! I just found this comment. I’m so thankful that it’s free! It’s like a community choir thing, and they have that too for adults, only they do this separate one for youth and kids. The local music teacher does it. Loving it! <3 Thanks for taking the time to comment! Be blessed!