Christian Fellowship 2016

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Hello friends! Link up your lifestyle posts below, anything that helps us get to know you, and don’t forget to reciprocate! My family’s update is below, and as always – comments are my love language!

Christian FellowshpWell, this has been a very busy week! We tried to go camping… but honestly, for the most part, it was a fail. Hubby bought a new tent on Fingerhut. I don’t know if – when the twins got into it, and hubby ended up leaving the outside bag (and probably the instructions) at home – if a part was missing, or left at home, or if we honestly just had no idea how to put up this tent. But regardless, we couldn’t get it set up (and we have lots of experience), and had to rig it for the night.

We’d planned to stay for 2 nights, but when it started raining Sunday afternoon – ruining our dinner plans because it wouldn’t let us get a decent fire going – we finally decided to pack up and leave. We came home late Sunday night, and spent most of the day on Monday cleaning up all the wet camping gear. YUCK!

This coming weekend is also busy. Hubby has his nurse’s aid certification exams on Saturday; the written is at 8am and, assuming he passes (duh), the practical is in the afternoon. Our church is helping with a church-run, community-wide event in the small town up the road. It’s about fellowship and fun, all free, happens to be put together by the churches but there’s no church-y agenda to it. Just lovin’ on people and ministering one-on-one if and when we get the opportunity. It’s about Jesus, y’all.

Fall is busy, y’all. ūüėČ What’s up with you? (PS – if you don’t see the linky, please just refresh the page. Sometimes LinkyTools glitches a tad and you can’t see it for a moment. It’s there – I promise!!)