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Hello friends! I apologize that it’s been so long since I’ve posted the linkup, but here it is for this weekend! Don’t forget to check out the reviews I’ve posted this week, and as always, comments are my love language.

Christian Fellowshp
The Lord turned around my sleeping schedule! I haven’t been fantastic about staying on the new schedule, to be honest, but after a couple of weeks of some crazy sleep patterns I’m finally on close to a “normal” day time shift. I was completely upside down, going to bed at about the time hubby got home from work, between 6 and 7 in the morning! After staying up for 24 hours twice in one week, and the three or four days between them only taking naps of about 4 hours at a time, I was able to start getting up by 9am at the latest for over a week. Praise God!

Drew and Brandon have joined 4-H in our county. We always did the major outdoors group before they started making their political decisions a few years ago, and have really missed having a set program to participate in as a family. 4-H will be a great fit for us, and the boys have already started attending the local Archery Club.

We are going camping this weekend… IF it doesn’t rain. Hubby’s schedule works out so that he gets a 3 day weekend every 3 weeks, and we need the family time, the couple time, the relationship time this weekend. I’m not sure how I’ll do with the whole sleeping outside (and probably on the ground) thing…. Pray for me if you think of it!

We are trying to transition our middle school homeschool into a more delight-directed methodology. My two middle boys aren’t destined for the typical course of study, and neither of them plans on attending a regular college in all likelihood. I’m still struggling some with how to get in all the things that I feel are important regardless of if they are interested in them, and they are still struggling with wanting to do any type of school work ever, but I do see progress. Pressing in to the Lord for His will and guidance in this area, and would appreciate support in prayer.

Well, I guess that’s all the updates on us I can think of this week! How’s your life been lately?

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      I don’t know that we’ve ever been on anything close to “normal.” Bah. LOL Thanks for leaving a comment! Blessings!

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    Hey there! I was homeschooled and loved it! I love everything about school – in fact I became a schoolteacher myself! 😀 My brother on the other hand hated school and said he never wanted to go to college! It reminds me of your boys! But my parents made him attend at least one year of college and now, 9 years later, he is more studious than I! He graduated and reads like crazy (He was never a reader before!). Anyway, maybe there is hope for your boys! :) Thanks for the party!
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    • dalynnrmc says

      Haha, what a fun story! Welcome aboard, thanks for joining us! If you’ll click the tab at the top or the tag cloud at the right, you’ll see – this linky has been running a long time and usually has quite a bit more participation. I just haven’t posted it in a few weeks, about a month or so, so it might be a week or two before it picks back up. 😉 Happy to have you! Have a blessed weekend!