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Welcome, friends! How has your week been? This coming week is going to be very busy for us, as we’re running and attending the youth and kids conference at our church. It’s always good stuff – God loves to show up for us!

Well, last week I promised you THREE featured blog posts! I’ve picked one from each of the last three weeks, to hopefully make it fair. Love you all, ladies! Thank you for participating and sharing the linky! Don’t forget to join the Facebook group so we can fellowship and get to know one another better. Look for activities and sharing activities to begin in that group after the busyness of next week is finished.

First up from just last week, I’d like to point you all to this post by Christina at Little Sprouts Learning, titled God is in Control. “What should we be doing? We are to be about the Master’s business.” “Start small, look around you, and find someone who needs you.” Love this!!

From the week previous to that, please check out Michelle’s first post in a series, titled Truly Fit: Part 1 – Created to Stand Out. I love what she has to say on the topic of identity in Christ!

And last but not least, from our first linkup and promise for a featured linker, check out Kelly’s review of the Knowledge Box Central notebooking set in her post Exploring the 50 States Notebook Journal (Curriculum Review). Kelly has a wealth of fantastic posts, and is a sweet and giving lady. I love reading her linkups and posts each week!

Now for this week’s linkup!
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Last weekend, I mentioned that I’d be attending the AGLOW conference. It was fun to spend the weekend with Mom and with her friends. I’m less busy in general these days so maybe I can start making it to their monthly meetings! I did feel like the Lord used the speakers to drop His message into my heart and life, and experienced some great worship! Y’all look up Godfrey Birtill – I almost posted a Worshipful Wednesday full of his videos, but WordPress zonked out on me and erased the whole thing. I’ll let y’all explore on your own. Blessings!