Christian Business Day 5 – Black Friday

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For today’s Christian Business post, I’d like to ask you to consider supporting ME. I have several affiliations with an array of companies and private businesses, and it would be a blessing to my family for you to consider using my links if you plan to make a purchase. I’ll feature my own business below, and then include a list of Black Friday deals I’ll be posting today. Thanks for looking!

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By now, most of you are aware that I sell Tupperware . I don’t just sell it – I USE it, and LOVE it, and have for my whole life. It’s one of those things (Melinda was right…) that I should’ve signed up to sell YEARS ago. Actually, the first time I signed up, I was 16 years old! My mother sold it for all of my childhood and it’s what I know. I can teach you to cook things in the microwave that you wouldn’t believe – and this coming year, I promise to do exactly that! (Have requests? Share them in the comments!)


I’d like to share with you the sales which are ENDING TODAY, Black Friday, November 27. New sales start tomorrow, and I’ll make a post for those later tonight, but please be aware that once these sales stop, I can’t get it at these prices and sometimes I can’t get the items AT ALL! If you want it, get it NOW!!! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

THIS JUST IN!! Tupperware is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99 NOW through Monday! Includes all  orders placed before midnight CST on Monday.

To order anything you see here, click through on my main Tupperware site and click “Shop.” From there, if you can’t find it, I’ll include here on this post the product name and you should be able to search that and find it easily. Most of these items will be under the “Sale” tab on the left as well.

tupperware black fridayA – Slice N Wedge Kitchen Gadget –  Complement this useful tool with a basket of fruit for a healthy gift! $35 value, SALE $30

B – Cereal Bowls – Add sweets to each bowl for easy gifts that last. 2 cup/500mL. Set of four. $25 value, SALE $20

C – Thatsa Bowl – Just add popcorn to give the neighbors a merry movie night. 32 cup/7.6L. $25 value, SALE $20

D – Microwave Breakfast Maker – Great for anyone on the go when you include a grocery gift card! $20 value, SALE $15

E – Vent ‘N Serve Soup Mug – Pair this gift with a handwritten family soup recipe. 2 cup/500mL. $17 value, SALE $12

OR GET IT ALL AND SAVE $50! Holiday Must-Haves Get-It All Set – $122 value SALE $72

kids mini party setstencils

Don’t miss these toys!! They only come out of the vault periodically and they sell out FAST. All would make excellent gifts that your kids, their kids, and THEIR kids will play with.
noahsmallhello kitty collection






Here is a whole myriad of other specials, for your kitchen or for the kitchen of someone you love. Have all the Tupperware you can possibly stand?? Who do you know that needs some? Newlyweds, young couples, new parents, elderly learning to cook for “just them,” and anyone who needs to eat QUICKLY and HEALTHY too!

tupper elf set thatsa mini bowls sweet and salty  round container mini canisters  hanukkah canisters giant canisters









So many of these items can be used to divide and hand out as gifts. Those mini canisters – either variety – work out to just $4.50 each and would be great for food gifts for teachers, ministers, community workers, and parties. Just add your favorite purchased or homemade treats and they’ve got a quality gift! You’ll pay close to that for a similar sized container at the dollar stores, and these are Lifetime Guaranteed!

FREE shipping through Monday on orders over $99!

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Thank you so much for taking a look at what I have to offer this year! I appreciate any purchase you might be able to make. Check out these great deals from my affiliates as well! The links will work as soon as the posts go live, as noted. Thank you for your support! Be blessed!