Tupperware Party and FLASH Giveaway!

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Tupperware Giveaway

Hello, my wonderful friends and readers! Thanks for your patience recently – I’ve been recovering from what the doctor has called “overuse tendonitis” in my wrist. I’m a massage therapist part-time out of the home, so it’s been a big deal here lately. Prayers are appreciated even still as I recover. But tonight we are […]

The Aeneid – Roman Roads History Giveaway

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OWC aenid

You might remember that last year we reviewed an awesome curriculum from Roman Roads. It’s a full year’s high school curriculum for both history and literature; we’ve also been counting it as partial Bible credit and partial Art credits. The curriculum line is called Old Western Culture; we’ve been using and loving Year 1 – […]

Book Review: A Time for Everything

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I had the privilege of receiving a book for review from a local Christian author. A Time for Everything is a thin book (a quick read!) by Julie Graham-Tremillo, of my local county, which presents an easy-to-follow line of thought as to how to get everything done that needs to be done every day. Directed […]

The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted – Christian Marriage Book Review

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christian marriage book

If you read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and wanted more, or if you haven’t read that yet and are just seeking some guidance in your marriage and just being able to get along and grow, then you won’t want to miss his new book The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted. Disclaimer: I received […]

Birthday Giveaway

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birthday giveaway

It’s my birthday this month and I want to give YOU a gift! I’ll be 34 years old this year, so I want to give away a gift card worth $34 to your choice of either KMart or Amazon. Happy birthday to ME! If you would like to bless me for my birthday, please enter […]