Apologia’s Writers In Residence

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apologia writers

We are a family that concentrates on grammar and spelling in younger grades and then starts introducing writing in middle school. Each of my three kids has a different learning style and strength, so I was thrilled to have the chance to review the new writing program from Apologia Educational Ministries! It’s called Writers in […]

A+ Mini Math Courses – A Review

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A+ Interactive Math has just released their new Math Mini-Courses and we have had the opportunity to review a couple of them through the TOS Crew. There are 20 different Math Mini-Courses available for purchase from $9.99 to $19.99 which is super reasonable; we used both Elementary & Middle School Division (2nd-6th) and Advanced Fractions […]

Talking Fingers – Read, Write & Type

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I’ve always placed a big emphasis on learning to type in our homeschool; with technology being used today as much as it is, it’s a needed college skill more easily picked up when kids are young. Talking Fingers Inc. has blessed us with the opportunity to review a program that’s helping me teach even my […]

Homeschool Diplomas – A Review

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Homeschool Diplomas

It’s that time, friends – I have a high school student looking to graduate soon! Before I had the opportunity to review HomeschoolDiploma.com, I hadn’t really given much thought to what we were going to do for a ceremony or any of the fun little side things, such as homeschool diplomas themselves. I’m thankful to […]

Times Tales – A Review

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We’ve always studied math in a mastery setting, but I have a son who has trouble with memorization – especially of math facts. I’d heard about Times Tales, published by The Trigger Memory Co., but I hadn’t had the opportunity to use it until recently. We were blessed to receive a digital download of this […]