Daily Chores Management

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daily chores management

I’m supposed to be the manager of my home, and several years ago it finally dawned on me (or maybe I read somewhere) that managers don’t DO all of the work! They simply make sure the work gets done. Daily chores management is something that I’ve had to work hard to get under control. I’ve […]

What Stewardship Means

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Biblical Stewardship money

Everyone who uses the word “stewardship” assumes the inclusion of financial responsibility, but what else does God expect us to steward well? Does He care how we spend our time? And surely He knows that we are busy people; maybe too busy to keep a clean home. What does keeping a clean home have to […]

Fuzzle Family Felt Toys Fun!

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fuzzle family felt

Earlier this month, I posted a review of a great printable handwriting set by Gentle Shepherd (see that post HERE), and I mentioned that she also carries patterns for felt toys. This week we have had a blast playing with the Fuzzle Family felt toys! I received for the purpose of review, an entire Fuzzle […]

Goat Milk Stuff

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goats milk

I received for the purpose of review some fun soaps from Goat Milk Stuff! I haven’t ever used goat milk soap before, but have heard great things about it and feel it is a frugal option as well as being a natural alternative to traditional soaps. If you know me, you know that I’m all […]

Real Food, Real Frugal

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I am privileged to have received a copy of Susan Godfrey’s new eBook, Real Food, Real Frugal for the purposes of review. In this new ebook by Susan Godfrey, you’ll find everything you need to know to get started with a real food diet. Susan breaks it down simply and easily into sections, making it […]