Christian Business Day 5 – Black Friday

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tupperware black friday

For today’s Christian Business post, I’d like to ask you to consider supporting ME. I have several affiliations with an array of companies and private businesses, and it would be a blessing to my family for you to consider using my links if you plan to make a purchase. I’ll feature my own business below, […]

Christian Business: Groceries

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30 days christian business

Welcome to Day 3 of my guide on Christian Business for 2015. I expect that many of you will be preparing for family and fellowship in light of tomorrow’s holiday, and I pray you all have a blessed time with whatever your plans might be! Happy Thanksgiving! If you still need to grab a few […]

Menu Planning Central Early BF Sale!

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Menu Planning Central

Menu Planning is definitely a time-saver in this house, and absolutely helps with frustration in deciding “what’s for dinner?” on any given day. My problem, honestly, is that the actual planning part takes time itself, which usually takes planning to set aside the time to plan, and I don’t end up getting the menu plan […]

Trim Healthy Tuesday

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Trim Healthy Tuesday July28

I’m starting a new series to blog about my journey with food and rethinking the way I eat, via the book Trim Healthy Mama by Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett. I’ll post a review soon (as soon as my mother gives me the book back so I can skim to refresh my memory), but because […]

Microwave Cooking

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microwave cooking

I’ve not ever really considered myself an expert in microwave cooking, but I’ve grown up around Tupperware and microwave cooking is all I knew how to do for a long time. It was just natural for me, because my mother sold Tupperware (as I do now), and that’s part of what that company teaches people. […]