Some Days I Don’t Give 100%

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We’re all supposed to be “Pinterest Moms” or some kind of super moms these days. Perception is everything, and as a marketer I’m supposed to come off as the expert in my field. To be an expert of the caliber to be advising other people, one shouldn’t make mistakes – or at least, one shouldn’t […]

Today My Heart is Breaking

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Today my heart is breaking. Not because anything bad is happening in my life, but because I’ve discovered the spiritual status of an old friend isn’t what I thought it was. For all I know, it’s always been his spiritual status, and I totally missed it. My heart grieves for a soul now lost, one […]

5 Books Every Christian Should Read

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My grandfather used to say that he didn’t need to read any books other than the Bible. Well, of course, as Christians we should all be spending significant amounts of time in the Word, but we are also instructed to obtain godly counsel. We also know that there are several forms of “the Word of […]

Worshipful Wednesday

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worshipful wednesday

I probably won’t do a Worshipful Wednesday post every week, but periodically, when I really need it, I might find a way to include worship videos here as a post. I hope you enjoy it. After the way this week started out and simply the way the last few weeks have gone, today I’m purposefully […]