Accountable2You Internet Monitoring

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I have teenage and preteen boys in this house, and because it’s a subject that’s important to our family I jumped at the chance to review the Family Plan from the internet monitoring service Accountable2You. It’s not a filter, but truly a monitoring tool that can be useful on computers as well as mobile devices […]

When a Spouse is Grieving

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I don’t know that I’d have tried to discuss this marriage topic so soon after the re-launch of this site, except that this is just what I’m dealing with right now. Is it too early for me to bare my soul to you? My husband just lost his mother; tomorrow will be 2 weeks, and […]

Christian Married Sexuality

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Whoa! Christian Married Sexuality? That’s one bold topic to address! Yes, yes – I know! (And, my mother reads my blog – usually, at least – so it’s a subject that I have a hard time thinking about how to post it!) But, here’s the thing: Even my mother knows that, especially in this area […]