Used So Often It’s Dull – 5 Days of Threadbare Homeschooling

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5days Threadbare Used So Often Its Dull

One of the definitions of threadbare is something which is “used so often it’s dull.” That sounds like our homeschooling status sometimes! We all have ruts we tend to follow, and at some point it all begins to be so commonplace that it’s almost painful to get up each day and do the same things […]

Threadbare Homeschooling

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Every year, the Schoolhouse Review Crew hosts an annual 5-day blog hop with the topic of our choice. Threadbare Homeschooling can mean so many things. Some of the definitions of threadbare include so thin you can see through it, showing signs of age and neglect, used so often it’s dull, barely adequate because of cheapness or […]

Fantastic Sale!

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Hey, friends! I try not to post many of these deal posts, but Educents is a fantastic place for great sales and I knew you all wouldn’t want to miss this! Check it out – For just 24-hours, all Rock ‘N Learn DVDs and board books are 50% off with FREE SHIPPING on Educents with […]

Homeschool 101 – Planning

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Homeschool planning is quite possibly one of my favorite things to do! Sadly, though, I seldom stick to the plan. After 10 years of homeschooling, I think that I have finally found a homeschool planning groove that works for me. It includes not only homeschool planning details, but helps me keep my whole life organized […]

Make Summer Learning Stick!

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YOUR INTRODUCTION GOES HERE: WRITING PROMPT–>HOW AND WHY IS HANDS ON LEARNING IMPORTANT IN YOUR FAMILY ESPECIALLY IN SUMMER? WHAT SUMMER ACTIVITY ARE YOU EXCITED TO SUPPLEMENT WITH LEARNING? How do you make summer learning stick? Stickers! Get your kiddos interactively learning timely subjects this summer. I like these sets because they’re fun, BPA free, […]