Accountable2You Internet Monitoring

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I have teenage and preteen boys in this house, and because it’s a subject that’s important to our family I jumped at the chance to review the Family Plan from the internet monitoring service Accountable2You. It’s not a filter, but truly a monitoring tool that can be useful on computers as well as mobile devices […]

Biblical Parenting: This Motherhood Thing

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This Motherhood Thing

I could complain that no one told me that motherhood was this hard. Motherhood doesn’t come naturally, and just because you give birth to a child doesn’t mean that you have any clue on how to deal with things. I could bemoan the fact that I’d always believed that motherhood, once obtained, would never change. […]

Motivate Your Child Action Plan – A Book Review

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Action Plan

We have a frequent saying in our home: “Do what you have to do before you do what you want to do.” We say it frequently because our children frequently forget. Our boys are 16, 12, and 10, and we’re struggling lately with teaching them responsibility, among other traits. It was because of these particular […]