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With a house full of boys, we’re way into super heroes here, so I was happy to receive a copy of Captain Absolutely, a book based on the character from Adventures in Odyssey from Focus On The Family. We weren’t already familiar with the character or story line, but I wanted my middle son – 12 years old and dyslexic – to read this in his free time.

 Captain Absolutely

Ethical Comic Book

Captain Absolutely is a fun comic book that I think is great for about ages 8-12. It’s written in the typical comic book style, and even a bit corny as it seeks to appeal to a certain sense of humor. Part of its charm is how corny it is; my preteen son really enjoyed the jokes and humor woven into the story.

The story is basically that of King Josiah from the Bible, as the young library aid is involved in an explosion (as “all” super hero stories start, the book itself points out) which sends him to the “banned books” section of the library filled with Bibles. He then reads God’s Word for the first time and, because of the nuclear fumes, is turned into the title super hero. Throughout the comic, Captain Absolutely seeks to spread God’s truth and battles against Dr. Relative – the librarian who was thrown into the philosophy section of the library during the same explosion, turning him into the rival nemesis.

captain absolutely comic book
God’s truth is presented in this comic book in a fun and humorous way. It’s a great way for Christian kids to enjoy God’s Word and learn about making decisions, and it’s also a great way for those same kids to share that truth with their unchurched friends. The book even uses scriptural references, frequently, both by use of quoting scripture and by small notes to encourage kids to read further on their own.

My son is probably on the outer edge of interest for this book, at 12 years old with a younger interests level than many boys his age. That goes with the dyslexia territory, and he says that his almost-14 year old brother wouldn’t have enjoyed the book quite so much as he did. I tried to read it to my 6 year old son, but it’s hard to read a comic book out loud, and after a few pages he didn’t want me to continue. I think when he’s old enough to be reading it himself that he’d love it, but he’s still a little young for that.

Focus On The Family

My son says that he’d ask for this book again for review if given the chance, and that he’d like the opportunity to view any sequels which come out in the future. It’s a hit here, and we’ll watch for more! Nothing less than I’d expect from Focus On The Family. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, Instagram, and YouTube.

Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}
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