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Have you ever struggled with desire for immediate pleasure in contrast with waiting for something that was much, much better? Do you see your kids struggling with this, too? Can’t Wait Willow is a great book for helping kids understand the concept of waiting for something better. I was blessed to receive a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

cant wait willow

My daughter especially loved the book right away, and wanted me to read it to her, simply because the cover is sparkly and has glitter. Willow’s shirt and headband, and the cotton candy, are all glittery and beautiful. The title itself is shimmery, a metalic purple color. The dust ruffle is beautiful, and I could tell right away that my little girl would love all the art in the book.

I was right. Throughout the book, we are clued to watch for the star that follows Willow. When she makes a good decision, the star is happy and bright. When she makes a poor decision, when she can’t wait, the star is droopy, dull, and sad. It was easy for my three year old little girl to tell if Willow had made a good decision or a bad decision by looking at the star. She was able to tell me if the star was happy or sad, so if Willow had done well or not. That was hardest for her when Willow went to see the beautiful birds. Lynndi wasn’t sure why this was a bad decision, until we remembered that she wanted to go to the circus. When Willow realized the circus was over and that she was all out of money, Lynndi was sad for her.


When Willow went back the next day (thanks to the kind ringmaster), Lynndi encouraged her to wait for the circus. It tickled me to see that even as young as she is, my little girl really understood that it was better for Willow to wait for what was better.

This book has a fantastic message, one even we as adults need to remember now and then. In fact, just today, I’ve missed an event that I’ve been looking forward to for months. I missed it because it required me to make an item, which I waited until the last possible second to make. I knew what I wanted to do several weeks ago, and I needed one specific tool to get it done, and put off doing what I needed to do to obtain that item. It would’ve required a small amount of effort, but it turns out that it was less than I’d thought it would be. (I found it locally instead of having to drive into the big city.) But, if I’d taken just a moment to do what I needed to do and put off something small that could have waited until after today, then I’d have made it to my event.

I’m sad, but it’s okay. I’m an adult and I see the error of my ways. Plus, God uses all things to His glory. Willow was given a second chance in the book, and I know that God loves me – loves us all – enough to let us try again.


The book itself, as I mentioned, is beautiful. This is some of the most gorgeous artwork I’ve seen in a children’s book in a while. Some of what is touted as beautiful illustration I find too busy for little eyes, but this kept my preschoolers engaged for the whole story. Looking for the star was a key idea for them as we read. In fact, when we’d finished, Lynndi had her big brother read the book to her again. Usually she’ll run and get a different book to keep reading, but this one she wanted twice. I’m sure she’ll return to it again and again.
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How do you teach your preschoolers patience and how to wait on something better?

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    What a great book! I have always enjoyed using books to teach a lesson. I have a post coming out next week about how I taught my daughter to say please and ask for things nicely with a book called -May I please have a cookie? So I love when I find other books that can teach a good character trait. I will be going and getting this book becasue it sounds like a great one!
    Thanks for linking up with us this week for MMM link up party! I hope you will come back and link up again.( I usually have it open by Sunday evening). I am going to share this on my Adventures in Mindful Livings FB page becasue I know my readers love “mindful books”!

    • dalynnrmc says

      My little ones aren’t really there yet, but it’s definitely something to address with the older kiddos. I think this will serve as a crutch when we get to a place where my little ones need this lesson. (“Remember Willow and how she had to wait for the circus?”) Thanks for entering!