Book Review: Preschoolers and Peace by Kendra Fletcher

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If you are homeschooling older kids and trying to also keep up with preschoolers, then you are completely aware that it’s not always a peaceful endeavor! I recently read, after having received a copy for the purposes of review, a new book by Kendra Fletcher titled Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the little ones at your feet. Because I have 5 kids ranging in age from 15 to 4 year old twins, I knew this would be right up my alley and likely something I should make time to read. The Preschoolers and Peace website has a wealth of information to help people who are in this same stage of life.

 Right away with opening this book, Kendra Fletcher does a great job of letting you know her own experience and decision to homeschool and that she is a follower of God who strives to live her life according to His ultimate plan for her. I really appreciate how honest she is with where she stands, and how she lets that worldview permeate everything she advises others. Transparency and trust is important when we are looking to others to help and advise us in raising our children, and I’m very thankful to be able to let my guard down some because I’m comfortable with Kendra’s filter – Jesus Christ. Thanks, Kendra!

That said, I must admit that I don’t align 100% theologically with what she says in the first chapter or two. And now, with that said, let me back up again and say I don’t 100% disagree either, and I don’t think she’s necessarily “wrong” either. I believe God leads us all down our own paths to reach HIS truth, and Kendra’s path to that truth has been different than mine. BUT, HE is God and He never changes, and her conclusions certainly align with what I’ve been taught through His Holy Spirit.

I took a few things she said with a small grain of salt, and carried right on through. Her conclusions are spot-on, folks! (And besides, most of where I squirmed was in the “What a Mom Needs” chapter, and I think we can all agree that will certainly vary a shade or hue from one to another because we are all individuals. NO ROCKS FROM ME, Kendra!) This book is definitely for moms, moms from all walks of life, and I think Mrs. Fletcher can speak to all of our hearts. I’m so thankful she leads us through her process of reaching the conclusions she has. It speaks to me of transparency, of trustworthiness, and of relationship. That’s important to me.

Speaking of chapters, take a glimpse at the Table of Contents, and tell me in the comments which chapter speaks most to what the Lord may want to teach YOU!

Kendra Fletcher

This book was a fun and easy read. Kendra Fletcher is well aware that anyone reading this book doesn’t have hours to spend trying to get tips on how to better spend their minutes. I read in bits and bites, and you can totally take it a chapter at a time, but this isn’t a long book. The resources start on page 42, folks. (And what a fantastic, incredible, bookmark-able resource page! Some definite jewels in there!) It’s not a long book or an in depth read!

She starts with some great truths, starting your day with prayer, even some great tidbits on doing a prayer binder or box. She continues with her morning routine and into scheduling. A great thing here to point out; I love that Kendra includes as a step talking to our husband and getting his input on what he thinks we should accomplish and where our priorities should lie.

If your husbands are anything like mine, his first instinct would be to shrug and have a tendency to let me decide. But, in a few hours (or days, possibly weeks) he might come back and have an opinion on something. (Sometimes men take quite a bit more time than we women do on thinking things like that out!) My hubby has been like that in the past, but I’ve continued to ask, and these days can offer an opinion involving scheduling or schooling within a few hours. (It may help that I’ve delegated a subject or two to him a time or two!) Many opinions, but I’m glad this is part of her process!


She has some great tidbits that I’ve not come across previously, and some great ideas for keeping little ones busy. I love that she outlines some specific life skills and how teaching the little ones how to, say, play in their rooms by themselves (starting with just 5 minutes!!) will free up time for you and give them lifelong skills.

Kendra Fletcher also provides her actual schedules for her 6 kids at a couple of different ages and stages in their process. It includes the older ones working with the youngers from time to time, which I’ve seen from other moms of many. But, Kendra is REAL and completely understand that all of the little “activities” you can put together may only distract your little ones for 5 minutes. You can only plan so many activity packets for a 5 minute attention span! She puts together “big toys” for every day of the week, and those things only come out on those days.

Amongst other ideas (chalk on the sidewalk outside! Not that I didn’t know it, but I haven’t had sidewalks until recently and had forgotten!!), some of those single ideas are going to save me a wealth of time and trouble. Beyond all of the tidbits of information, reading this book has inspired me to get another start on doing some of these things. With my recent change of season in obtaining a part-time job, I’ve been discouraged about learning and dealing and scheduling, especially with the little ones. I needed this encouragement and motivation. It’s a wonderful book, and I DO think that it has plenty of tidbits and information that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Worth a look!

You can pick up the Preschoolers and Peace e-book on their website for $2.99 and don’t forget to check out the other Crew Reviews!

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