Blogging Thoughts

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I really need some sort of plan for when to post. I had some brilliant idea this morning, and I had it all worked out as far as points and wording and everything. By the time I got to sit at the computer for any amount of time, though, it was totally gone. I don’t even remember the general subject matter. UGH.

And I keep intending to start a spiritual blog also. One of my strongest spiritual gifts is that of being a teacher. Yes, I teach my own children at home (and plan to restart the homeschooling blog I have on another platform as we get into our new materials next month), but being a spiritual teacher is so much more than academics. It means that when I sit down for my daily Bible readings, or when I sit through a sermon, or when I’m praying and meditating on the Word, or reading a great book – it’s during these times that the Lord gives me an insight that I know He means me to share with others. It starts as a revelation type “aha!!” kind of moment, but shortly follows a full lesson outline in my mind. That’s just how my mind works, and I’m so thankful to finally realize that this is what makes me a teacher by gift. Apparently, not everyone thinks in 3-point outlines. LOL

So, I keep thinking that I’ll get that blog started. But at the same time, I haven’t ever done well on keeping up just one blog so I hesitate to try and keep up three separate ones. So then I was considering adding those lessons on here – just keep it all on the one blog. I still might do that, but I don’t want the majority of posts here to be lessons and possibly deter readers who really just like the meat of my day. I guess I need to get better in the habit of blogging more often, so that when I have those really great lesson ideas that I can go ahead and blog them and not worry about them being the majority of my posts. If I’m blogging 6 days a week and 1 or 2 of them are lessons the Lord either gives me or teaches me, I’d bet most readers would be okay with that.

Maybe the answer is some sort of dry-erase message center where I can jot down my blog idea for use when I get the chance to sit down here later. Since blogging isn’t super high on my priority list, chances are I’ll most often be blogging later at night, just before bed time, when all the rest is done. (But, then too, if I only blog when everything is done, I won’t be blogging more than once or twice a week. LOL)

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be putting the final touches on our schedule. Bill’s work has kind of thrown a kink in our “usual”. It’s not terrible – we’re just used to him not having to leave until at least 9 or 10 and these days he has to be at work by 8. So our dinner is off, and baby nap time is off, and everything is just a bit… off. We’re getting into a new school routine also, and new curricula will start in October, so that’s a fresh start there. As our routine evens out just a little, I expect that I’ll start having regular intervals where I can come and blog about just life.

In the meantime, life happens I suppose! I’ll blog it every chance I get!

On another note, my sister uploaded some twin birthday pics for me today on Facebook! So if you’ve been waiting on those, go take a peek. :) She said it’s only about half, so more to come!