It’s a Blogathon!

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I’m so thrilled to be participating in the Biannual Blogathon Bash again this year! I’m hosting two mini-challenges and hope to get quite a bit accomplished. I’m getting a bit of a late start, but I had a productive day in my home so I will not be discouraged. I know I typed out a list of goals I want to accomplish with m y blog, and as soon as I find that list (tonight!!) I will edit it and work out a plan of action for my Saturday. I plan to be working on the Blogathon for most of the day on Saturday. I pray the Lord will allow me to be productive and fruitful in His timing and without taking away from my family. They are most graciously allowing me time this weekend to participate, and I am thankful for a supportive husband and enthusiastic kids.

Blogathon Goals

To be edited, but off the top of my head:

  • Social media and promotion schedule
  • Social media improvement plan of action for the year
  • Write a week’s post so that I’m at least a week ahead. Two weeks would be preferable.
  • Take my own two challenges: Narrowing Your Niche as well as Categories and Tags
  • Take any other challenges that apply to my goals.
  • Make and fill out an editorial calendar
  • Organize and prioritize reviews, including a schedule for completion

Here is the list I’d written a few weeks back, and it includes some things I’d forgotten to list off the top of my head earlier.

  • Get at least 2 weeks ahead on scheduled blog posts, and stay that way. A month would be ideal. (Yep, remembered that one!)
  • Get down onto paper (IE digital spreadsheet) a plan of posts for the entire year… or at least 6 months at a time, until the next bash in June. (Or um, an editorial calendar as I listed above.)
  • Get a newsletter done, and figure out my email sending schedule stuff through MailChimp. (in the meantime, I’ve figured things out and my newsletter is sending my feed. It needs a full revamp though.)
  • Publish an eBook every quarter. (Well yes, but maybe not this weekend.)
  • Learn and begin posting printables. And maybe start actually using some in our homeschooling. (I will probably schedule this into one of my “social media focus” months.)
  • Figure out some ad stuff and get my affiliate ads and social media promotions scheduled. (I’d forgotten this. Research definitely needed. On my list for Sunday!)
  • Get my subdomain for my massage and essential oils business up and running. Get a subdomain and blog up and running for my teenage son. (Son’s blog, done. Subdomain up… but not really running. Needs to go on the schedule. Needs graphics. Hmm.)
  • Work diligently and get my Christian Business Directory organized, nice, sorted, and FULL. (I remembered this one after I set this post live. This is definitely a priority this weekend.)

Comments and Questions

On my challenge pages, I’ve asked for comments. Only, I didn’t realize or think about the fact that you can’t comment on a page, only on a regular blog post like this! So, I am opening up this goals post for those comments.

Please let me know which challenge you are asking about. If your comment is your entry for the Categories and Tags post, please state that you are entering with your comment.

Thank you! Be blessed!


  1. says

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    • dalynnrmc says

      Thanks so much! I’m glad it was helpful to you. I haven’t had the chance to visit the other challenges yet myself, and hope to do so over the next few months as we head to the next Blogathon in June. I hope you can join us then! Be blessed!

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    Great post.
    I narrowed my categories down to 5 (I originally had nearly 20!)
    Blogging, General (I know that’s a pretty big catch all but then I tag these posts with more descriptions), Our House, Scrapbooking and Parenting.
    The tags I use a fair bit can go over a couple of categories so I haven’t listed them all :)
    Caroline recently posted…My bloggy to-do listMy Profile

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    Thanks for the Categories/Tags Challenge… I’ve often wondered about categories vs. tags. Right now I have 12 categories on my blog… (but call them subjects and have picture buttons on the side bar of my blog.)

    The categories are:

    Life in Nunavut
    – travelling
    – Pangnirtung
    Walk in the Hood
    Travel in Canada
    – switching provinces
    – Haliburton Highlands
    – Ontario
    – Living in Manitoba
    International Travel
    – black & white
    – night photography
    – portratiture
    – weddings
    Weather Woes
    Random Rants & Reflections
    – tales from the spin cycle
    – blogging community
    – crafty projects
    – fun with workmates
    Whirl Wind Weekends
    – fun with workmates
    Wordless Wednesday

    (the ones following the DASH are categories I don’t have “public” but realize I use them more as a tag….for my own organization)…

    thanks for this challenge to think about categories and how to use them… I know you said to only have 3-6…but I like my 12… and sticking to that! :) (after all I just downgraded them from 24…)

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    OK… I may change this but I am going to start:

    > Your Family

    > Your Home
    >>>> Bedrooms
    >>>> Kitchen
    >>>> Bathroom
    >>>> Garage
    >>>> Playroom
    >>>> Closet/Storage

    > Your Life
    >>>> Meal Planning
    >>>> Travel
    >>>> School

    > Your business
    >>>> Home Office
    >>>> Productivity
    >>>> Time Management

    > By Location
    > Attractions
    > Hotel reviews
    > Restaurant Reviews
    > Planning

    > Teens
    > Relationships
    > School
    > Meals

    > Virtual Organizing
    > Business
    > Residential
    > Speaking Opportunities

    Twitter Parties
    > Linkedmoms
    > Schedule
    > Hire Us

    Social Media Training
    > SoMe for Pro. Organizers
    > SoMe for small business
    > Blogger Outreach
    > Twitter Parties

    I think I need to narrow this much more but its a start.
    Margarita Ibbott ~ @DownshiftingPRO recently posted…Re-creating a Perfect First Date– Crab Thermidor Cannelloni: Valentine’s Day Recipe #Recipes4RomanceMy Profile

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    I’ve been needing to make a list of these for my new site I’m setting up, so this was a great time to sit down and do it! Here’s my list for the challenge, and I’m going to add them to my site today:

    -Getting Started

    Online Business
    -Freelance Writing
    -Direct Sales

    -Get Organized

    I’m sure I’ll add to them/change a few, once I get to posting on the new site and have more content and see what works and what doesn’t. But that’s my main focus topics to get it launched!! :)
    Meagan Paullin recently posted…Win a $100 Walmart Gift Card!My Profile

    • says

      Thank you for hosting the Categories & Tags Challenge! This is something that has been on my heart to tackle for a LONG time and I’ve been slowly working on it as time permits. When I first started blogging – on Blogger – I thought that more was better (it’s not!) and I labelled everything very liberally!

      Then – I moved to WP – and I am still working on cleaning up the mess from going from one system to another!

      Here is what I have so far. It’s not perfect. It’s a work in progress.

      Arts & Crafts
      Altered Art

      Book Reviews
      Reading Challenges


      Breakfast & Brunch
      Main Courses
      Side Dishes
      Soups & Stews

      Reviews (this will probably be Reviews & Giveaways and be broken into categories but not there yet)

      One of my biggest challenges re: this – as a creative blogger – is whether to stick with “basic” names for SEO or to use Creative names that are more reflective of my blog!

      Feedback is welcome!
      Create With Joy recently posted…Inspire Me Monday – Week 108My Profile

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    What a great challenge! It may seem like a small thing to experienced bloggers but for someone new to blogging it’s just the kind of info I need. This is my entry.

    – recipes
    – modular mates
    – fridgesmarts
    – microwave cooking
    – eating healthy
    – direct sales
    – party
    (there will be more I’m sure)

    – totes
    – purses
    – personalization
    – express yourself
    – direct sales
    – party

    – cupboards
    – kitchen
    – yourself
    – a challenge or challenged??
    – purging
    (more as I think of them)

    – grandmother
    – blogger
    – girl guide
    – goals

    Now a question. How do I change my categories and tags? Edit each post????
    Barb Garber recently posted…My Blog MissionMy Profile

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    I love this challenge. I greatly redued my categories when I recently rebuilt my blog but I think I can narrow it even more by placing some of the categories into sub-categories.

    So, I am going to have the following:

    – Travel

    – Business
    – Health & Fitness
    – Writing



    – Giveaways
    – Reviews

    Thanks for the challenge – and great ideas on how to get this under control!
    Carin Kilby Clark recently posted…It’s Blog To-Do Time {Biannual Blogathon Bash Kick Off}My Profile

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    I kind of fail at this categories & tags thing. I have a LOT of categories, and I ::shamed-face:: use the “other” category too. You are right – I stick stuff in there I shouldn’t lol.

    I run a homeschool resource site, so I have everything categorized by subject and topic.

    I probably should revamp them, I guess. Maybe like this:



    *Living books
    *Canadian Reading

    Off to think about this more. I have been using my categories as my nav bar menu, but I’m planning to make them all into static pages this weekend (which is quickly coming to an end! Must.Type.Faster.) lol.

    Thanks for the brainfood!
    Lisa Marie recently posted…The Canadian Homeschooler : My Blog MissionMy Profile

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    What do you mean by “addressing your blog’s mission’? Do you mean write a blog entry that fits within your mission or write a post telling about your mission in blogging?

    Narrowed my categories down…working on the tags. I usually just think about what would make good tags after I write.
    Machelle recently posted…New Year’s Resolutions: Saying “Yes”My Profile

    • dalynnrmc says

      Now you’re going to go make me read what I wrote again! Pretty sure I meant to write a post telling about your mission in blogging. :) (Yep, that was it!) A blog post telling me why you’re blogging, what you plan to blog about, and why you want to blog it.

      I’ve always just picked tags out of my brain after I write as well. But then I find that sometimes I am tagging things “twins” and sometimes “toddlers” and sometimes “preschoolers” and that really I should define – for myself – what I actually mean by each of those tags. I have almost 300 blog posts on my blog at this point. If someone is going to search my blog for what I think or believe about any certain topic, my tags need to have a cohesiveness about them that I just haven’t paid close enough attention to before now. I’ve almost got my own list worked out now and will be posting it soon, hopefully tonight. In addition, after I began learning and understanding more about “SEO” (search engine optimization) and how to pick keywords and make sure my blog posts show up in relevent internet searches, I realized that my tags weren’t as specific (nor plentiful) as they probably should be.

      So, that’s why I chose to write about this challenge, because it’s something I’ve recognized within the past few months that I need to work on for my own blog. :)

      • says

        That’s what I figured you meant. However, I am not sure my readers are interested in why I write. Still processing that. At the core the reason I blog is to force myself to write because I feel like I am wasting a gift when I don’t write. And without the blog I don’t write anymore – ever : ( Of course, the outcome of that is I get to share Christ and what He is doing in my life. But truthfully, the reason I started blogging – both times – is to force myself to write : )

        Still processing the categories and tags thing too. I have quite a few more post on my site than what is public. But when I decided to begin again I made them all private until I can go in and clean them up. They were mostly done haphazardly with different fonts, colors etc. Organizationally it was pretty sad. Most of them were done on our 2010 mission trip up the East Coast in our RV. Missions is already a category but I just realized RV’ing might need to be another one…
        Machelle recently posted…New Year’s Resolutions: Saying “Yes”My Profile

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    Entering the Categories and Tags Mini Challenge…

    The blog I am currently working on is new to boost my businesses, so I only have a handful of posts. When all is said and done, this is what I am hoping to have:

    *current project
    *fingerless gloves
    *pin cushion
    *matching set

    *stock photography

    *short story

    *tote bag
    Robin Davidson recently posted…Joining Blog Lovin’My Profile

    • dalynnrmc says

      That’s an excellent list! Exactly what I had in mind – just a few categories, with a wealth of tags. You can certainly use tags within more than one category, and you can always use extra tags if you think of them in the moment, but having a standard list of tags you regularly use should help your SEO as well as just give you more ideas for posting. THanks for commenting! God bless!

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    This is my Entry for the Categories and Tags Challenge. I am having a little bit of a hard time figuring it out because I haven’t blogged a whole lot recently and I am really trying to find my new blogging identity still. Plus, I have another writer on my blog who writes about other topics. There are some things I don’t know how to categorize- recipes, writing about my favorite band (Needtobreathe), health related stuff, beauty products to name the few I talk about the most.

    >>Crafts/ DIY


    >>Family Friendly Products
    Heather McD recently posted…Kicking off the Winter 2014 Biannual Blogathon BashMy Profile

    • dalynnrmc says

      Looks like a great list! Could those things you mentioned having trouble with be grouped under a “My Life” category? Or maybe a “Moms Things” type grouping within your Family category? Subcategories are totally acceptable, and I didn’t even go into that with this challenge. If you take the Narrowing Your Niche challenge and come up with a blog mission, you might be better able to tie your regular posts together and back to a theme that way. Why is it you blog? What is your message? Tie your “My Life” type posts to your reason for being in the blogosphere in the first place, and I think your category will emerge from that. :)

      Thanks for taking the challenge! God bless!

  12. says

    Hi! Thank you for sharing. This has been my main focus for the blogathon and I plan to tackle this tonight & tomorrow. Here are the categories/tags that I came up with:



    Body care
    Hair care
    Natural ingredients

    Look books
    Work Attire
    Evening Wear
    Athletic Gear

    Mommy hood
    Gift cards
    Shonda recently posted…WOOHOO! The Biannual Blogathon Bash 2014 is HereMy Profile

    • dalynnrmc says

      That’s some list! Looks like you probably run a full and active blog, complete with anything a woman and Mom might think about during a given day. I bet it keeps you busy! Looks great, thanks for commenting! Blessings!

  13. says

    I am entering the cat and tag section

    I feel my byline is are my tags so if I was to separate them however frugal is more of a tag because it falls under them all


    Faith Activities








    Attachment parenting
    family history (this could also go with faith)

    Health and beauty

    Weight loss
    “looking stepford”

    I also have reviews and giveaways but the theme of my blog is How SAHMs are supposed to be the perfect stepford wife so I think my cats cover all that
    Karen Hewitt recently posted…Honey Baked Ham Review and Giveaway!My Profile

    • dalynnrmc says

      Great list! I may borrow a few of those tags myself. 😉 Thanks for commenting, and God bless!

  14. says

    This is my entry for the Categories and Tags mini-challenge.

    Categories and Tags

    Category: Knitting
    On my needles
    Off my needles
    Fingerless mitts

    Category: Patterns
    My original designs
    Free patterns I’ve used
    Purchased patterns I’ve used
    Pattern Books

    Category: Tutorials
    Knit stitches
    Special techniques
    Knitting tips & tricks
    Crochet stitches
    Blocking handknits
    Washing handknits
    Choosing yarns

    Category: Link-ups & Reviews
    WIP Wednesdays
    FO Fridays
    Yarn Along
    Keep Calm Craft On
    Knitting Books
    Patterns used
    Yarns used

    Category: My Life
    Non-yarn crafts
    Kitty love

    I’ve been thinking for some time that I needed to clean up my Categories and Tags, but really didn’t know where to start. This has been a great challenge and I appreciate the examples to help me do this! Thank you!
    Stephanie recently posted…Biannual Blogathon BashMy Profile

    • dalynnrmc says

      Great list! Glad I could help – it’s also on my list of things to get done, just as a clean up type thing as you mentioned. I needed the motivation as well. Happy to be able to bless others in what it is the Lord has called me to do. :) Thanks for taking the time to comment! God bless!

    • dalynnrmc says

      Fantastic! I’m working on revamping mine even as I sit here and reply to challenge comments. :) I definitely need more focus, or at least to have everything point to the main mission. Thanks for joining in and taking the time to comment! Blessings!

  15. says

    Categories and Tags:

    Category: Family
    home decorating
    home organization

    Category: Fitness
    weight loss

    Category: Fashion
    clothes for mom

    Category: Goals
    bucket list
    30 before 30
    setting goals

    Category: Travel
    trip reports
    road trips
    united states
    travel with kids
    Megan recently posted…Spartan Race GiveawayMy Profile

    • dalynnrmc says

      Love it! 5 categories, with a handful of tags for each category. What a great start! Thanks for commenting and God bless!

  16. says

    Categories and Tags

    1. Single Parenting
    single mom
    single dad
    single parent advice

    2. Work from Home
    work at home jobs
    direct sales
    mystery shopping

    3. Make Money Online
    direct sales
    affiliate marketing
    network marketing
    monetize your blog

    Book Review

    Product Review
    name of product
    name of company
    target market (babies, toddlers, kids, teens, moms, pregnant moms, nursing moms, etc)

    By the way, thanks for this challenge. i actually just updated all of my categories and tags yesterday (my own challenge) but this one made me really thing about them even more, so i think I will go back and edit some of them. :)
    Tiffany Hathorn recently posted…Getting Bloggy With It! Biannual Blogathon Bash Kick-off!My Profile

    • dalynnrmc says

      That looks like a great list! I don’t know how often you post about single parenting, but I might suggest more tags for that category. “Kids” comes to mind, maybe “boys” and “girls” as well as age groups. Any issues you post about on a regular basis (things like school, anxiety, visitation… come to mind). Just some thoughts! Looks great – thanks for commenting! God bless!

        • dalynnrmc says

          We deal with a few of those things as well, but I can’t imagine the stress of having to be the only one to deal with it. (Well, I can somewhat – I was a single mom at one point in time, too. :) ) Just go by what you end up posting; you can always add to your list later. It’s not a set, “only ever use these tags” sort of thing by any means. And with you just getting started, I’m sure you’ll grow and morph in your style as you go along anyway. God bless you! Would love to read some from you as you get going. :)

    • dalynnrmc says

      I really think this is important. I did my mission statement over a year ago, but I’m not sure that I’ve actually stuck to it. It needs a revamp and rewrite, because God Himself is morphing my blog into something a little different than I’d imagined. That’s okay – I just need to remember to keep my focus where He would have it to be. :) Thanks for commenting! Blessings!

  17. says

    OK. I was wondering if you can take a look at the mission statement post and give me some suggestions. I have been back and forth about being a deals blogger and have finally made up my mind that I don’t want to do deals/coupons. I do have several writers on my team so I feel like my vision is pretty broad. The only thing I didn’t include in my vision is my writer Lisa. She does healthy tips and running advice. She runs promotional 5K’s for me.
    April @Pixie Dust Savings recently posted…What are you running for?My Profile

    • dalynnrmc says

      I love your mission as-written! I think it’s great, and I suggested on facebook some wrap-up type statements to help pull the three things together. I think your extra writer can easily tie hers in to either grouping direction by either talking about how the health tips prepare a person for the vacations, or by analogies on how they prepare you for life and/or our Christian walk. You might can tie that in with the Christian theme easier than you can with the “savings” theme. But, I like your goals statement. It’s clear and concise, and I know what your blog is about. :)

  18. says

    This is my Entry for the Categories and Tags Challenge. Some of the categories and that pertain to my blog are:


    >>saving money

    >>eating healthy
    >>disease prevention

    There are a few more, but I think those are the primary things I write about on a regular basis other than giveaways & reviews of course. Thanks for hosting this mini-challenge! It really made me think about how I’m using (or not using) categories & tags — now to go get those all cleaned up!
    Alison recently posted…January 2014 Bi-Annual Blogathon Bash! #Blogathon2My Profile

    • dalynnrmc says

      Thanks for participating, Alison! Looks like you’ve got a great handle on what it is you need to be posting. I don’t think my list is as clean as yours! 😉 Praying your weekend is productive, and thanks for commenting. Be blessed!