Biblical Womanhood: Keeping Home

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I hope you’re enjoying the Biblical Womanhood launch series! Keeping home is a major part of life and womanhood, and it’s discussed in the Bible to help us learn and grow. Evenso, it’s not always a favorite activity; in fact, many of us loathe the individual tasks involved (including me)! Accountability is a big part of what keeps me motivated in this area, and I can’t wait to share with you how far the Lord has brought me in all things keeping home!

keeping home

This will be one of the more fun and exciting topics on the blog, I think. That’s because I’ve despised it so much that I’ve had to make a real effort in doing it, and have come to a place where I try to have fun with it and realize that I’m pursuing God’s will as I change my heart and mind. We’ll cover several things that you might not think of as keeping home topics, but we’ll also cover the basics. Lord knows I need to cover the basics, for myself! Keeping home is one category of doing this Biblical womanhood thing that I still need to grow into, learn better, and keep accountable concerning. I’m looking forward to sharing more of my journey with you!

I don’t believe for one moment that I’m the only married Christian lady out there who needs help in this area!! Do you struggle with having time to do it all? Do you find yourself asking your kids to do everything and realize they hate doing it because they don’t see you doing anything to contribute? (Oops!) Or maybe you’re a mom who does it all by yourself and resents the other family members for not helping more. (Or maybe you’re enough of a perfectionist that you actively prevent them from doing so?) We all need God’s grace in this area, none more than me! Some of the themes we’ll cover include:

  • Stewardship

    • Stewardship covers finances of course, but this division also includes being a good steward of our time, our space, our energy, our family, and more. It includes taking care of what we have and showing that we can be trusted in the little. We’ll cover topics like frugality, minimalism, and plain ole’ housework. What areas do you struggle with most? Tell me in this session’s feedback form!
  • Food

    • We couldn’t cover keeping home without discussing food! I’m not the world’s greatest (or most creative) cook, but we’ll cover quick and simple meals, microwave cooking, leaning towards a healthier fare, and tweaking loved recipes to match new goals. I haven’t been one to post many recipes, but have found inspiration through Tupperware and through Trim Healthy Mama. Join me on the journey!
  • Planning

    • I’m a planner, a list keeper, a goal maker. I do better at making plans than following them. I hope this will be a fun subcategory, as I plan to begin sharing with you some of the planners I’ve made and used over the years. We’ve tweaked and changed our routine a couple of times a year since we started homeschooling, and it finally dawned on me that even though those plans and planner styles didn’t continue working for us that many of YOU would still find them useful! We’ll talk about schedules, filing systems, check lists, reward charts, different seasons of life, and more!
  • Decorating and Organizing

    • Keeping home isn’t all clutter and lists! I love decorating topics but haven’t ever gotten to play with my ideas, so I’m super thrilled to finally start doing some of that and sharing it with you! If you know me at all, you’ll know that all my decorating ideas will be frugal, many will be DIY, and simple but pretty is the name of the game. I’ve placed organizing with decorating instead of planning because to me, organizing is about using the space in a useful and esthetically pleasing way. It’s gotta be cute!

Keeping home is a broad topic with many possibilities for discussion. If there’s any area where you particularly struggle, either practically or spiritually, that you’d like for me to cover or even if you’re just really excited about starting to see more of these topics here on the blog, please fill out the feedback form for me and let me know! The entire point of this website is to share and walk with my readers, so hearing from you is always encouraging to me. Thanks so much!