Biblical Womanhood: Being Mom

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There are many aspects of Biblical Womanhood, but one of the main ones I do and will focus on here is being a godly parent, a godly mother – being mom. Biblical parenthood is something I personally have had to work on and strive towards for all the years that I’ve been a parent (16, of this writing), and about which the Lord has broken down my proverbial box many times. Each child is different, and I’ve learned – and am still learning – to raise each of my kids the way God would have them to grow. I don’t have it down perfectly, but I hope that I can share some nuggets of wisdom that I’ve learned in my own struggle that may help you through yours.

godly motherBeing Mom

There are many aspects to being mom, to Biblical parenting. I’ll probably cover many different things over time, but there are a few areas where I feel more apt to share, feel a little more equipped and confident, or where my own family needs the work and accountability. I’ll be sharing from all of these categories on a regular basis, and would love to hear your feedback on the last form!

    • Homeschooling

      • I’ll share about our adventures, trials, successes, of course reviews of products we try and love (or not), some of the challenges we face in our particular homeschool, and more! Watch for printables, including a continuation of both the Preschool Skills series and the Diagramming the Proverbs series. We have almost every level of student in my home, so we cover a wide variety of topics! My plan is to cover many more projects and fun things than in the past, and I hope that by sharing our “stuff” – good and bad – that you’ll get to better know us as well as utilize what we’ve learned.
    • Character Training

      • This is something we need to work on in our home, and I’ve had grand ideas of how to teach these subjects in the past, but have never implemented them. I’ll share about the character traits that are important to us and how we are working on each one. We’ll use resources from God’s Word, from all over the web, from organizations, books, and more – anything I can do to train  my children in the way they should go. I hope it blesses you!
    • Kids and Family

      • I plan to intentionally share about my kids, as individuals, as people. I’ll be journaling some of my thoughts, prayers, hopes for my kids, and as a way to let you peek into our real life. This category will also cover our family activities, holidays, convictions, and more. I’ll talk about relating to my boys, having fun raising my only baby girl, and what we’ve got growing in the garden. This is the real face of our family, who we are, what we do, and getting to know us.

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  • Biblical Parenting

    • This category is where I’ll share some of our struggles, things from the past where the Lord has taught me how to be a better mom. Many of these things came from hard times, so I pray that sharing our journey and our testimony will carry the power to help others in the midst of the battle. We continue to raise kids and have our own battles, so this section will be heavy on scripture and what the Word has to teach us about being mom.

I pray that this category is a blessing to my readers and that it serves to help with whatever you’re going through right now. My family isn’t the sitcom perfect situation, and I hope that truth shows through the posts. One of my strongest convictions is to walk with other mothers who are having to figure out this whole parenting thing with almost no foundation, or a rough start, or just lack of experience. Let me know on this last form what you’d like to see in these categories!


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