Biblical Womanhood: Being Feminine

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I hope that you’re becoming excited about all that’s planned for this website! Are you? Being feminine is yet another part of Biblical womanhood, and one that I don’t always remember to emphasize. As a home body, sometimes it’s just more practical to do the bare minimum and I forget to acknowledge and enjoy all that God has created and intended me to be. Being feminine is about celebrating Biblical womanhood!

Being Feminine

So what does being feminine mean, and what does it entail? Well, this issue is one that really is a personal one. We’ll tap into some scripture where women of the Bible have relished their femininity, and we’ll talk some about how the idea of being feminine changes with time and with culture. From there, we’ll just have fun with femininity and all it can mean. It’s not like the Bible says, “Thou shalt polish thine fingernails!” (And it’s a good thing, too, because I’d fail miserably most days!)

But if being feminine is about celebrating Biblical womanhood in our own ways, most posts will reflect my ideas – and experiments – with doing this in my own way. I have several ideas, several interests I’d like to grow and grow in, and I’d love to hear from you all on this as well! Don’t forget to fill out the feedback form on this category for me, please. Some of the subtopics I’ll cover include:

    • Beauty

      • As women, we all do little things to make us beautiful and we all have things that make us feel beautiful. I’ll cover hair, makeup, nails, skin, and more. I lean towards natural and minimalist options for all of these, at least most of the time and where practical. I don’t like to spend money in this area, so I make a lot of my own products. I’m no beauty expert, but I hope that I can share a few tips and insights with you. It’s DIY beauty for the home body!
    • Fashion

      • It took me a while, but in realizing that my boy children have NO common fashion sense at all, I finally have decided to tackle fashion topics! It’s something I’m playing with right now and finding my own style with hand-me-downs and frugal shopping, plus a small treat item now and then. Shoes and scarves are of high interest for me right now, and really, I’m going to start wearing more skirts! Really I am! Join me as I journey towards finding my feminine fashion flair.

  • Health

    • If you’ve been reading here for any period of time, you may be aware that I’m licensed as a professional massage therapist. I find myself giving hints and tips to local friends, and thought I’d begin sharing some of that with my online readership as well. I’ll share about essential oils and how I use that in conjunction with massage as well as having replaced my medicine cabinet, and this will be the banner under which you’ll find all things weight loss related.
  • Crafts

    • Yay! Crafts are feminine and a great way to celebrate who the Lord created us to be! Although my brain works in a very crafty and creative way, I don’t always make time to play. Crafts didn’t used to be “playing,” though; used to, women were crafty because they made needed items. We’ll do some of both, and many of the crafts I do will be first time trials of ideas I’ve had in my head for ages. I’m a scrapbooker and can’t wait to share some sketches and paper piecing patterns with you! Other crafts I do or am interested in trying include sewing and quilting, crocheting, outdoorsy stuff, crafts with kids, scrap crafts, and anything I find on Pinterest… plus tons more. You’ll love it!!

These are some of the things that make me feel feminine, and we’ll chat from time to time about how these topics bring us closer to being the Biblical woman that God intended. I believe that it’s important to “act like a female,” whatever that means in our culture, but without just blindly following the world. I hope you’re excited about celebrating Biblical womanhood with me by pursuing being feminine with me! Please share on the Being Feminine feedback form what your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions are on these topics.

What do you think about the new site so far? Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know!