Bedroom Makeover as Service

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My bedroom is clean! You all are aware by now that I’m helping launch a great ebook collection titled The Homemaker’s Mentor and that I’m learning a lot and having a blast doing so. You might also be aware, if you know me in person or if you’ve been reading my blogs for any length of time, that I’m not a great housekeeper. And you might also be aware, especially if you know me in person, that my husband’s love language is service and his service dialect is housekeeping, which makes it hard on me sometimes. (My love language is hard for him, too, just extra FYI there.)


I was all geared up to post “before” pictures of my bedroom, and then go in and clean it up one side and down the other side. In the Homemaker’s Mentor collection, there are at least a couple of resources that I’d scoured and referenced to help me do this. The first is The Homemaker’s Mentor Treasury of Vintage Homekeeping Skills and was what I’d first read that inspired my getting this job done. Because I was inspired, I also read the smaller book entitled Detail Cleaning the Master Bedroom which breaks down the general idea from the Vintage book into smaller, ordered tasks. It’s a how-to guide, sort of. So here are my “before” pictures… no groans! Promise?

bedroom before

Now here’s the doozy. I am all geared up to get this mess cleaned up. I’m armed with inspiration and motivation. I’m armed with the knowledge that this really will bless my husband tremendously, moreso because I know it’s his love language of service to the utmost. Moreso because we’ve already had a conversation about how I’ve been making the bed the wrong way all these years. So many things are going into this, and I really want to do this well (even considering making a linen spray as is suggested in the Vintage book). I want to surprise him though, and hubby was off several days this week. (Monday is his normal day off. Tuesday he took vacation time to study, and Wednesday he took his EMT certification. We found out today that he passed, praise God!) With all of that going on, I knew that either Wednesday while he was gone or Thursday while he was back at work would be my first chance to work on this.

How the bedroom got clean:

My husband cleaned our bedroom on Tuesday. At first, I was upset. Not at him really, just at the fact that here is this thing I really wanted to do, out of my heart, for him. And let me promise you now that, though I’m in the middle of this review, this was an absolute conviction to my heart and with all the fun things I want to tackle and learn out of this collection I knew I needed to do this first as a service to my husband. I was truly convicted about it, and it was for his sake. But he got to it before I did.

Now, my husband is great about doing things like that simply because he has time, sees it needs to be done, and has a heart for service. I wondered if my talking to him about the whole making the bed thing inspired him to get started, if I’d shot myself in the foot by discussing some of these things with him before doing the task I intended to do. But it wasn’t really like that. He just had time, saw it needed to be done, and did it. Know what else? I know that it was in his heart to help me get things done, in order to bless ME.

bedroom afterI am so blessed!!

Is the bedroom perfectly clean? No. And I put those sheets on the dresser away, into the newly organized closet. The floor is still a mess because it had paint and stuff on it when we moved into the house and we haven’t made it that far on the work we’ve been doing here. It’s not swept or mopped. The sheets are clean, but they aren’t sprayed with pretty rose water linen spray. Did he do everything I’d planned to do in my massive bedroom cleanup? No.

But that doesn’t matter one bit. I was going to do it to bless him, and he beat me to it. He blessed me in the process. The Lord is trying to teach me some things about homekeeping, but there are parts of it that are still missing in my brain. God has something for me in this, and I know it was a blessing for my husband to do this for me even though it was my conviction to get it done. God has something very purposeful in convicting us to both get it done at the same time, and something in having my husband be the one to actually do it. His timing is perfect and His lessons are for our growth. He’s an amazing God, and He has placed me and bound me to an amazing man. I am so blessed.

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How is your husband a blessing to you? How does your husband feel about the housekeeping and homemaking in your household?


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      Sometimes what’s in my heart just falls out of my fingertips. All the glory is His, for certain. Thank you for commenting!